Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Book of Memories

While my doorstop tends to be visited by the friendly UPS man quite frequently this time of year, there is one package that most surely leads to me shrieking from upstairs, before almost falling down the stairs to retrieve the precious orange box from behind the door.  Cruz's 'Year 3' Shutterfly photo book arrived today and I think it's my best one yet.  I've been working on this thing since after his 2nd birthday last year and finally hit the submit button a couple of weeks ago.  It's here, full of a year's worth of pictures that capture Cruz's third year of life.  Besides prints I order from time to time, this is my one tangible collection of some of my most treasured images and memories from his year - a book that makes it in the rotation of bedtime stories and a perfect companion to a reminisce and remember as my boy turns another year older this month.  I love these books, love that they are something I can give to Cruz someday, and love that they are saved digitally in case something should ever happen to them.  

I order the 12x12 hardcover books and have a pretty good system down to make them manageable and fun to work on throughout the year.  I try to do a two-page spread each week, usually follow suit with my blog, and oftentimes copy and paste my favorite posts as text on the corresponding pages.  Sometimes, I go easy and use one of their many layouts and simply drop pictures in, and other times, I feel more creative and construct a layout on my own depending on what fits with the pages I'm working on.  A two-page spread typically takes me between 15-45 minutes, depending on how creative I'm feeling that week!  I start shortly after his birthday party and try to order so the next one is here in time for his following one.  That usually makes for around 100 pages.  The books can get a little pricey; however, I always wait until there is a 50% off and free shipping sale going on, which Shutterfly has quite frequently.  The books are wonderful quality and last year, when I wasn't happy with the resolution on my cover page, I contacted them and they sent me the same book with a different cover, completely free of charge!  

I haven't quite decided how long I want to keep up with the Shutterfly books, especially since I'll have double the pictures (and work) when the little lady arrives in January!  I've considered moving to a family book instead, or simplifying my pages and sticking to Shutterfly's pre-made templates.  Time will tell!

Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at

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