Saturday, April 19, 2014

Finally Spring

The saying, "in like a lion, out like a lamb" has never been more fitting than this spring.  After a brutal winter and a cold start to spring, we're finally starting to taste those first signs of a new season and they've never tasted sweeter.  Just a week ago, I remember telling Beau that I wasn't much a fan for spring - everything looked dirty, the grass was wet, cold, and brown, and the wind seemed to blow right through the house, calling for thick socks instead of the strappy sandals I so desired.  But lately, I've learned to appreciate the anticipation that exists right now.  As an educator, spring is always a busy time; however, there's nothing more satisfying than the outlook that summer and a much-needed break is on its way.  There is evidence of this anticipation all around me - our Maple tree is full of buds, buds that will soon turn to thick leaves, creating the perfect spot for books and picnics and summer afternoons.  There is anticipation in the colorful, warm-weather clothes hanging in Cruz and Mila's closet.  There is the anticipation in time spent outside, that first night where coats weren't needed and it was warm enough to lay Mila on a quilt in our backyard.  This is what I appreciate about springtime - anticipation and hope of new beauty, new growth, and so much good to come. 


I love Friday nights for many of the same reasons.  After a long (sometimes brutal) work week, Friday nights are the perfect transition to all the good things of a weekend.  There's renewal, rest, and the anticipation of a slower pace and time spent with family.  And since last Friday night was not only the end of a work week but a perfect spring night, we had a double whammy of good.  Beau came home early and we played in the backyard for hours, going from toy to toy as if it was Christmas morning.  We threw pitches, kicked the soccer ball, and pushed Cruz in his swing, all while Mila stretched out beside us.  She loved it outside and I think we all felt a little like caged birds who had just been freed to spread our wings and explore the open world.  We packed the stroller and headed to Main Street, pushing the kiddos up and down the parkade until Mila fell asleep.  Then, we pushed the stroller into the back corner of Toads and shared french fries and toasted glasses to summer while Mila slept next to us.


Friday was only the start to a wonderful weekend of all the good things.  Lazy Saturday mornings and a stocked fridge of groceries for a week of healthy meals.  A vase of pink tulips and an afternoon of baking spring treats with my three year old.  Family books before bed, a little baby girl who seems all too aware that she is cool enough to lay next to her brother and be part of such a routine.  She turns her head from book to her brother, her eyes lit up as she proudly listens and kicks her feet in response.  And Sunday, a little Cruz proclaiming, "Hosana, Hosana, Yay Jesus!" as he exited his Sunday School classroom waving a palm branch, followed by a packed house and an annual Easter egg dying party, this time with little cousins that showed a bit more interest in the egg dying thing.



I tried the Kool-Aid dye this year and loved the results.  I used Berry Blue, Lemon Lime, Black Cherry, Orange, and Strawberry.  Just mixed 2/3 cup water with an entire packet of kool-aid for the most vibrant hues.  My favorite part - our kitchen smelled like fruit instead of eggs!    

I've always been very thankful to live in the Midwest because of the seasons.  Each season creates reflection, forces change, and leads to anticipation of good things to come.  Looking forward to this weekend - the perfect start to spring.  Easter eggs and Easter dresses, the story of an empty tomb and a risen Savior, and the hope of a new season at our fingertips.  

It's Good Friday.  Celebrate the good.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Your Half Birthday...


This past weekend, you and your little sis hit some big milestones.  Mila turned three months on Saturday and you my boy had your half birthday.  We are just in love with the stage you are at right now and I thought I would try and capture a bit of you are at 3.5...

// to my handsome boy with big brown eyes that say so much, a boy who loves superheroes and memorizes an entire book about villains.  A book with words like magnetism, headquarters, and dangerous, you know the entire thing by heart but get a little shy when I ask you to read it to me.

// to the best big brother to your baby sister.  You call her "Me-wa" and repeat everything we say to her.  This morning, you climbed in her crib and requested to read her books that you knew the words to.  You read her "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "Red Hat, Green Hat" from her crib while Mila kicked her feet and grinned at you. 

// to my sensitive one, a boy who still likes to snuggle and will say things like, "Mommy, I need a hug from you before I get dressed."  To my boy, who was so concerned for your daddy after watching him workout one night, asking to shut the program off after thinking the sweat on his face was tears.  You kept trying to convince yourself he was okay, saying "his tears will dry up soon, Mommy" over and over again and then, crying big tears yourself out of concern for your daddy.  We laughed at your innocence and our hearts hurt for how concerned you were.  And if it's any consolation, your daddy does look like he might die when he works out. :)

// to my creative, imaginative, laid back one, who drinks every last drop of the milk in your cereal bowl, who could play in the bathtub for hours, and who can hold a tune better than any three year old I know.  A boy who loves his Grandmas and Papas, loves his friend, Liam, and loves Flash, because "he's super fast."  A boy who has lots of friends at daycare, friends who form an assembly line of hugs when we drop you off and pick you up each day. 

// to my outdoor lover, who's shown lots of improvement in that baseball swing but still has zero interest in riding a bike, or a trike, or anything on wheels.  We took you to Scheel's the other night to purchase any bike of your choice, but you begged for a plastic water bottle instead.  You've just started your third round of Soccer Shots at school and the other night, I couldn't believe your skills when it comes to soccer ball dribbling.  You love Coach Marty, your very first coach, and sometimes, you like to pretend you are him as you teach me soccer skills in the backyard.   

Cruz, what I'd give to be as cool as you.  You remind me every day to soak up my present and find the funny all around me.  You have this unique gift of finding the joy no matter what you do and your big smile and brown eyes motivate me to do the same.  I praise God for trusting me to be your mommy and thank my lucky stars for this family of ours. 


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mila // Three Months, Cont.

To our three month old baby girl - our scrunched faced, squinty-eyed smiley one, who kicks her feet when she's excited and thinks she's super cool laying next to her big brother during books before bed.  To our girl, who got a little taste of the pool at Cruz's swimming lessons last week and made quite the splash in her own tub last night.  To our girl, who we sometimes call our little walker (a reference to the Walking Dead), or better yet, little Vlad, a reference to Vladimir Putin because, well, you have a similar scowl.

Happy quarter, little girl.  We love you more than all the stars.   

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mila @ Three Months...

Mila Carys, you are three months old...

Today, I couldn't help but notice how big you are getting.  Your daddy dressed you today - put you in a blue cubs t-shirt with a red sequined 'C' on the front.  I bought the shirt the day I found out I was pregnant with your big brother - a little boys' shirt and girls' shirt I would wrap up and give him in the parking lot of the mall just moments before I told him he was going to be a daddy.  That shirt has been hanging in my closet ever since and seeing you in it made life come full circle for me.  This life is amazing and God's love is astounding.  

Anyways, it was the first short-sleeved shirt I've seen you in and all day I couldn't get enough of your chubby little arms.  You've got the makings of some rolls forming around your elbows and wrists and I can't get enough of them.  You're still a peanut, but you are working your way out of your size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes.  You are still nursing and doing so well with your bottles while mommy visits her students in their schools.  I think you drink about 4 ounces every 3-4 hours during the day and you get up to eat around 4:30 every morning.  Last Saturday night, you slept 9:30-7 and were happy as a clam when you woke up.  You are so happy in the morning and I love the crib-side chats we have before I even get you out of your sleep sack.  You are still swaddled at night, however, you weasel your way out of that thing in the morning now.  The minute we unzip you, your arms come sprawling out and you stretch so big. 

You have discovered so much of the big world around you this month and I can just see the little wheels turning in your head as you study our faces, that cow mirror on your farm mat, or that hand of yours.  You started sucking on your hand almost constantly this month and are so close to reaching up and grabbing the toys on your farm mat.  You prefer to held facing forward so you can see what your brother is up to.  You are trying so hard to grab toys and you can almost do it.  I think I may have a blanket lover as lately you've liked hugging soft blankies and holding them up by your face.  You love your baths but still aren't a fan of your car seat, and you would much rather nap in your swing over your crib during the day.  You've napped the afternoon away in your swing on numerous occasions and lately, you like napping in your carseat!  You fall asleep in the car on the way to the grocery store or Cruz's swimming lessons and will stay asleep for hours!


You have the prettiest blue eyes and I think you look more like your daddy every day.  You are still astounded by your brother and he is so funny with you.  He repeats all the phrases we say to you.  This morning, I heard him say, "Hi pretty Mila, are you gonna talk to me," in this high-pitched little voice.  Then, he climbed in your crib and read stories to you while I was getting ready.  You already have the sweetest relationship and watching you together makes my heart explode.

Happy three months, little girl.  Know that you are the perfect fit to our family and we can't imagine our world without that big smile of yours.

A peak @ three months...



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