Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear You...

Every now and then, I have days where I'm enthralled with your cuteness.  It's like you wake up in the morning and tell yourself you are going to act extra adorable all day to make your mama swoon.  And today, let me tell you, was one of those days.  From the time you blew a kiss to daddy without being prompted on the way out the door, to taking turns with 'so big' through the rear view mirror on the way home from dinner, you've been pouring it on and I've been drinking in every ounce...
...when I dropped you off at daycare this morning, you crawled straight to this big turtle pillow in the middle of the floor and smushed your face in its softness.  Heidi, your lead teacher, said that you love to cuddle up with Mr. Turtle.
...I picked you up during snack time today, and boy was that a sight.  Eight little pre-todds, sitting around a table, munching on their own little piles of snack food.  I was amazed how every little one kept to themselves, working on their own little pile and not stealing from their neighbor.  They all looked up long enough to check me out, then went back to their snack while I stole one of their own from the table. are such a smarty pants, especially when it comes to imitating.  It's obvious you pay attention far more than we give you credit for, as sometimes out of the blue, you'll surprise us with something that we had no idea you knew how to do!  The other night, you blew Grandma a kiss totally out of the blue; now you blow kisses to daddy before we leave for school, to the daycare girls when you leave to go home, and to two random guys playing pool at the Screaming Eagle tonight!  We had dinner at the Eagle, and you were awestruck by the pool table.  You watched intently, smiled your half-smile when one of the guys would make 'guy talk' with you, and even applauded when one of them made a good shot.  While you watched, your dad and I snuck bites of your cheeseburger and rice krispie treat. love music and LOVE to dance.  The minute the radio comes on, or our phone starts ringing, or an episode of The Voice starts, you start swaying back and forth with this sly little grin on your face.  You love to dance, and love it even more when there are people to dance with you.  Kindermusik has been one of the best things for the two of us to do together, and I am starting to think we may have a music man in our presence.

As you inch closer and closer to the one-year mark, you seem to become less 'baby' and more toddler all the time.  In just one week, we will celebrate almost ONE YEAR of YOU, a year that has been the best of all.  This year, I've learned a lot.  I've learned what it feels like to carry another life inside of my own, and what it feels like to form a bond that is so strong, I would die before anything got in its way.  I've learned what it feels like to want to protect, to guide, and to love with every cell in me.  I've learned how to soothe a baby into a sleepy trance with nothing but a hum and a finger to a forehead, and how to steam and puree a butternut squash to baby-food perfection.  I've learned how to balance a full-time job as a full-time mom, and I've learned how to make the absolute most of my hours home with you, whether its singing you songs during bath time, kissing those cheeks on the way in to daycare, or choosing to be five minutes later than I planned in order to read one more touch-and-feel book.  Most of all, I've learned that life is about so much more than money, fame, and so-called success.  It's about the simple pleasures of a baby boy, a sly half-smile, and a face that makes me a little weak in the knees.

I love you, Cruz.  One year here we come ;) 

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  1. It's hard to believe he's almost a year old! I love this age!! Cute pictures!! He does pretty much exude cuteness, but then I am his grandma!



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