Monday, January 30, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

Cruz is such a busy boy these days, that at times, it seems all we do is follow him around as he 'grazes.'  Yes, he grazes.  Fumbles from one corner to the next, rearranging nicknacks and tearing through anything he can get his hands on, never really committing to one toy for too long.  No end table is safe!  In fact, last night, I was in the kitchen checking my email and Beau was in the bedroom with Cruz.  Cruz was once again going through my night stand drawer, looking to get his hands on a battery powered back massage toy that looks like a robot with three legs.  All of a sudden, I hear a loud crash and run into the bedroom to find an overturned lamp, a broken (glass) candle vase, and a collapsed night stand.  Fortunately, Cruz escaped without a scratch, but was a little scarred by the crash.  Until this morning that is...
Although Cruz is all over the place right now, there are a few toys that have become his favorites.  Likewise, these toys have become our favorites, as they tend to preoccupy our busy bee for more than five minutes!

These flashcards are great.  We now have three sets, and try to keep them in different rooms so they stay organized.  This is the first go-to toy in Cruz's toy room, and he can't play with them unless he's sitting at his little table.  One by one, he takes them out of the case, recites a made-up sound he's attributed to each, and throws them on the floor until he's made his way through the entire set.  They're a great way to learn words and I give them the credit for Cruz's 'vrroom' sound, as well as his newest recognizable words: 'ball,' 'shoes,' and 'keys.'

Ever since Cruz's birthday, I've had a thing for sock monkeys.  And for $10 at Target, this pirate sock monkey has provided hours of entertainment and loads of laughs.  It plays a song by the Black Eyed Peas and is the background music during diaper changes or really any time we're in Cruz's room.  It's the only toy in the house we've had to replace the batteries on, and really the only stuffed animal Cruz shows much interest in.  If only the other 20 or so stuffed animals in his room knew how to sing the Black Eyed Peas ;)

I'll never forget when I picked Cruz up from daycare last spring and saw him in the corner of the playground, riding a plastic rocking horse similar to this one all by himself.  It was at that moment I knew he needed one here at home.  My parents surprised him with one for his birthday and it's now the toy he goes to when he really wants to show off.  It's downstairs in our family room and we share many laughs watching him rock (and now stand) on his rocking puppy. 

Finally---I thought the day would never come!  The last month or so, Cruz Man loves to read books!  Several times during any given day, Cruz comes waddling into the room with two or three books.  He does his adorable little back-up into our laps and listens quietly as we read.  Sometimes, he sits for 30 seconds before he's up looking for another book, and other times, especially around bedtime, he'll sit for two, or three, or one, over and over and over again... this one.  Cruz has had a thing for Dr. Seuss since he was tiny, and this book is great on many levels.  It's small enough to stick in a diaper bag, includes touch-and-feel fun on every page, and has fun, catchy rhythm on every page.  It's definitely one of his faves.

And of course, Let's Rock Elmo!  Elmo is another part of our family.  After all, he's the only one who's seen the killer rock concerts and dance parties that go on around here (unless I forgot to shut the curtains again ;)

There's a few of Cruz's favorite things!  All you mamas out there, don't be afraid to pass on your favorites!  We have a few open spaces left on our toy shelves :)

Have a good week!  Can't believe tomorrow is the last day of January.  Looking forward to love month, Superbowl food, and a fun surprise on my blog---stay tuned!


  1. i just love sock monkey!! i'm excited for your suprise!

  2. Both our boys love marble run toys! Look them up online -- there are several out there. Cruz probably isn't quite ready for them yet since small marbles are involved... but something to think about for the upcoming birthday or Christmas. Seriously -- HOURS of entertainment for our guys. It's their first go-to toy when they go down to our playroom at the end of the day.



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