Monday, November 19, 2012

good to be HOME

After a whirlwind weekend to a new city, a national conference, and two 4:00 am book-ends, home hasn't felt this glorious in a long time.  We had an early morning this morning, spent over six hours on a plane or in a car, and pulled into my parents' driveway at about 4:00 this afternoon and ran like two crazy people to the house to see our peanut.  We were homesick for him, and were more than ready to be back to the Midwest --- to the comfort of our home and the peaceful rhythm of our family.  And as I sit here tonight with bags unpacked, my favorite blanket on my lap, and Black Friday catalogs awaiting me from the mailbox, I am soaking up the quiet, soaking up the anticipation of the holiday week ahead, and soaking up that sweet little boy tucked in upstairs.  There's nothing like a weekend in Vegas to make me appreciate the quiet blessings I have to return home to.  

More from our weekend away this week!  My brain is entering shut-down mode and my very own bed awaits...

So, so good to be home, sweet, home.  

And thanks to all of Cruz's grandmas and grandpas and papas for taking such good care of our little man.  It's times like these that we really step back and realize how good we have it to have all of you so close and so willing to alter your plans to allow ours to work.  Cruz is one lucky, loved little boy!   

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