Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mila is Double Digits!

Ten months old is hard for me to type.  In the whirlwind of our life events right now, our little lady just keeps growing and getting closer to one!  She turned ten months old our first week at Mom and Dad's and she was unfortunately sick for most of the week.  She had a fever, a stuffy nose, and a lack of sleep and routine and it was wearing on all of us to stay the least.  She's perked up, though, and we are hoping and praying that's the last of it for a good while.  Like until we are settled in our new house while!

I love these pictures of our sweet girl.  The much too early arctic blast was looming last weekend and Mom and I took Mila out on our last warm day to snap a few pictures.  Mila was a ham and it took all of about two minutes to get these.  While warming up cars and bundling up babies definitely adds another layer to our morning routine, I do love how sweet she looks in all her cozy knits.

A few of our favorite stats of Mila's 10th month...

//Mila has transitioned from crawler to stander this month.  She now pulls herself up to everything.  I am not ready for a walker quite yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be here before we know it.  Last night, Beau and I caught her standing on her own by the fridge for a good five seconds, staring at us with a panicky look on her face.  She's definitely a girl about the whole thing, a little more fearful and dramatic when her landing isn't as smooth.

//Mila loves to dance and started clapping her hands this week.  Anytime she hears music or any sort of beat, she gets this really serious look on her face, puts her head down, and starts rocking to the beat.  She takes her dancing very seriously.     

//We started playing peekaboo, patty cake, and some signing for "more" this month.  She loves when you put a blanket over her head and say "Where's Mila?!"  She's very observant and has proved to be a quick learner, picking up on sounds and movements quickly.  

//One of my favorite new milestones this month was giving kisses.  She doesn't exactly blow kisses, but mimics the gesture anytime someone plants one on her by smacking her lips together in response.  Much to me and the daycare girls' disappointment, it seems this little habit was short lived as we can't get her to do it anymore.  She's working on the real thing, though, and it's only a matter of time before we get big wet slobbery kisses on the mouth!

//Mila has moved away from purees to much more "big kid" food this month and she continues to be a big fan of pretty much anything.  Her favorites are chicken, carrots, toast, my canned peaches, and applesauce.  She is showing a greater disinterest in her bottles lately, too, reminding me this baby stage is definitely short-lived.

//Mila is highly observant and mimics everything we do.  Her eyebrows turn in and she immediately tries to figure it all out.  The other day, Mom checked her temperature and Mila grabbed the thermometer from her.  She put her head down and stuck that meter right up to her forehead to check it by herself!  If I pat Cruz's back, Mila pats his back, if make a fish face, Mila makes a fish face.  Monkey see, monkey do.  

Happy TEN MONTHS, little monkey.  We love you, sweet girl. 

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