Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Some pictures a friend snapped on his phone during a pool party last weekend.  Mila was quite the card all afternoon long, not really wanting to hop in the pool with the rest of the kids, but more content sitting in a little adirondack chair with my sunglasses and my cell phone (about three inches from the pool).  As the adults kept close watch from a patio table beside the pool, Mila pretty much ignored all of us, although every so often she'd look back with this little smirk on her face, completely aware of how cute she looked.  Every time I tried to take a picture of her, she'd play hard to get with me, turning her face away but taunting me with the cutest smile.  Later, as she was exploring in the garage, Robin had his own little photo sesh, and she was quite the poser.  She had him wrapped around her little finger by the end of the night. :)

Funny how a little girl can melt a guy...


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