Friday, August 10, 2012

A DIY Friday Post

With Cruz Man's 2nd birthday just two months away, I've had birthday party fever lately and have spent many lazy summer afternoons dreaming up ideas for his celebration.  Since procrastination has never really been my thing, I do better when I work out some ideas and split 'em up in baby steps.  When I can manage to do things this way, projects become de-stressors instead of added stress.  There's therapy in DIY projects, and baking, and really anything that provides a little peace, a little quiet, and a little break from the day-to-day normalcy and motions of life.  

I've been working on this birthday wreath for several weeks now, completing a little at a time until it was finished.  I made one for Cruz's first birthday party, too, and thought it added so much to his goodie table.  Most of all, the wreaths are easy to make, inexpensive, and versatile - you could experiment with lots of colors and themes.

Here's what you need to make your own Birthday Balloon Wreath.

-One straw wreath with plastic wrap (I found this at Jo-Ann's.  Make sure you keep the plastic wrap on while making the wreath, as the straw will get a little messy if you remove it.  
-One bag of floral pins - I also found these at Jo-Ann's
-An assortment of balloons - whichever colors you love or just have laying around the house.  I think I used four packs of 72 balloons (red, yellow, green, and blue).  

Alternating by color, just sort of fold the balloon over and push the pin through and into the wreath.  Since I will most likely hang the wreath on a door, I didn't bother covering the back of the wreath and focused on making the part you do see full and fluffy.

It's best to work at a little at a time, because the floral pins will hurt your finger after awhile.  It's fun to make, however, pretty effortless and mindless - a great accompaniment to The Bachelor or the Summer Olympics :)

Happy Friday!  We celebrating this mama's birthday this weekend, and more importantly, a weekend forecast of 70-degree weather!  A weekend with the windows open is about the best birthday present I can think of after this hot, hot summer.  


  1. THIS is so cute! You are so smart! Definitely pinning this! (: Hope you are having a great weekend!



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