Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cruz's New Room - Part 1

I wanted to start Cruz’s new toddler room this summer for many reasons, the first being that we got a taste of Cruz sleeping in our bed and decided that we very much preferred our sleep without a foot jammed in our ribcage or a big toe stuck in our ear.  All of a sudden Cruz gave up sleeping in his crib, and decided its only use was a dance 'cage' to brush his teeth in and listen to Raffi every morning while Beau and I got ready for the day.  He’d scream when we put him down for the night, and wake up about two hours later and scream some more until we took him out. We got a taste of sleeping with Cruz, and after about two weeks, decided it was time we try something new.  I always wondered when parents decide to make the big transition decisions: bottles, pacifiers, crib, naps, etc., and thus far, have realized that Cruz is really making just about all of them for us.  After all, he is the boss baby around here...

In addition to the anti-crib antics he started pulling a few months ago, I have been ready and waiting to redo one of my upstairs bedrooms since we bought our house in January of 2008.  Our house is a modest, inviting, and warm little house on a friendly neighborhood street - the only one-and-a-half story nook on the block.  It's full of blood, sweat, tears, and charm, and two of my favorite parts are the little dormer rooms upstairs.  The ceilings are slanted, the dormers just beg for a reading nook, and the built-in bookshelves create ample space for lots and lots of color-coated favorites.  Besides, it was time for a project and I couldn't wait to decorate.

So, without further adieu, here is Cruz's room, a work-in-progress, but a nice addition that's seemed to have solved our 'three's company' bedroom fiasco for the time being...

I painted the walls a light sky blue and did the back of the built-in a bright red.  I was skeptical at first, but love how the books look against the bright color.   

Beau made the window seat out of MDF board, and we painted it white.  It has a huge pull-out drawer for blankets, and is the perfect spot to read books before bed.     

I got these plastic containers on sale at Pottery Barn and was (as always) pleased with the quality and size of them.  I used one for blocks, one for peg boards, and one for miscellaneous art supplies.  

We cleaned up some old fence boards that have been in a pile in our backyard for three years and used a nail gun to create a frame for this very hungry caterpillar print.  I found this great set of Eric Carle prints on Amazon and am so happy with the results (and price).  

With some leftover Ikea frames, a can or two of spray paint, a wooden letter from Hobby Lobby, and some fabric, I made this art collage for Cruz to display some of his most prized art.  I used some Elmer's spray adhesive (from Hobby Lobby) to stick the fabric on the frame glass, and used hot glue to adhere the wooden letter on the fabric on the bottom right print.  I stapled a piece of twine on the top right, and clipped a couple of small clothespins.  It was fun to coordinate the fabric colors with his very hungry caterpillar bedding, and Cruz points at his fishbowl every morning.        

I think I love Cruz's space upstairs as much as he does.  It's so cozy up there, and he loves sprawling out on his tummy and looking at books on the floor.  My favorite part is watching him sleep in that bed of his.  Most of the time, he falls asleep with his feet on his pillow and his head at the foot of the bed - usually in a pajama shirt and no pants, with his head snuggled up close to his blankie, and paci in hand, not mouth.  

Our bedtime routine is a little much, but it works for now and is quite a leap from rocking.  First, we read books downstairs.  Next, we retrieve blanket and exchange good night kisses with mom or dad.  Next, we say prayers and 'tuck' our wee one in tight before hitting the foot of the bed while Cruz slowly gives in.  Once he's asleep, he's asleep for the night, but at times, it takes awhile.  Sometimes, he does it on his own; other times, he prefers lying face to face with a hand on your cheek.  

I still have a few diy projects to finish and reveal in the near future.  Stay tuned for progress (which is a little slower these days ;).

Happy weekend, everyone.     



  1. LOVE the room!!!! The Very Hungry Caterpillar sheets and accents are adorable---and I love the bookcase with the red in it. AWESOME job;)


  2. His room turned out so cute!! His bed looks so cozy! Love all your extra touches!!

  3. turned out so cute! So glad the transition to the big boy bed has gone well. I was so stressed about it and Harper breezed through it!

  4. ooh the room is great , I love the window design :-)



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