Friday, December 28, 2012

And of course, more pictures! Christmas continues...

More pictures from our Christmas weekend...

Oh, Boone!  We had so much fun with you this year and can't wait for you to visit next December.

Baked brie and caramelized onions on crostini and raspberry spritzers to celebrate the Winter Solstice.  We put Cruz to bed, opened a bottle of bubbly, and cooked an old-fashioned Beau-and-Ashley spread, just like the old days.  We made one of our favorites - Bobby Flay's Thai peanut chicken skewers, and ate after 9:00.  It was quiet, it was slow, and did not involve grapes on the floor, milk smeared on the table, or screams of 'I'm done!' five minutes after sitting down.  It was a simple start to our Christmas weekend, and a perfect way to celebrate being snowed in.  

Someone made it in the overnight bag...

Christmas at Grandma and Papa's house.  Saturday, December 22.

Cruz and Charly secrets are the best kind of secrets.

Sunday, Dec. 23.  Church back home, Christmas at Great Grandma and Grandpa's house, and a surprise present from Uncle Les and Aunt Ronnie. 

Christmas Eve, 2012.  Love.

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  1. He is the cutest! I love their matching Jammie's! And all of those cookies look to die for!



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