Monday, December 10, 2012

Keeping up with the Jorgensens

With Christmas Eve just two weeks from today, I've got holidays on the brain this morning, making it hard to concentrate on much else other than shopping bags, gift tags, sugar cookies, and Christmas movies.  And while my Christmas cards are ordered, shopping for Cruz is about wrapped up, and our first family Christmas in the books, I've still got plenty I'd like to experience, savor, and soak up before this Christmas season is over.  There are fires to be had in the fireplace, movie and cocoa nights to pair with it, and a few more mornings waking up to find our dear friend, Boone, having some fun of his own...

Boone was busy this past weekend, and left a trail of evidence almost everywhere he went.  Saturday morning, Cruz woke up to a trail of mini-marshmallows, all leading to Boone in his dump truck making quite the 'snow' pile in the kitchen.  Sunday, Boone was channeling his inner pirate, fishing off Cruz's Little People ship, and Friday, Boone was reading a Christmas book and sporting some spiffy new spectacles, with a pair for each of us as well!


I think we're going to miss this elf when he flies north after the holidays...

And there's nothing like a little snow on the ground to make you feel full of Christmas spirit.  With just enough to dust our world with white as we got ready for church on Sunday, I found myself a little jealous of our friends up north, who received around 10 inches, more than we saw all winter last year.  It was fun to see Cruz's reaction to the white stuff yesterday morning since I'm sure he didn't remember it from last year.  At first he peered out the window and informed us of 'wain,' but soon learned a new word and continued to repeat 'it snows!' all morning long.  He wasn't quite sure what to think of it outside, especially as it covered our coats white; however, he thought the snowballs I threw at Dad were utterly hilarious.  He quickly joined in on the fun and giggled and giggled, that is until his hands grew a little cold.  Me, like snow removal companies and every child in school right now, hopes for a few more snow days for sledding, snowmen, and snowball fights.

Can you hear the giggle?

We had our annual Henrichs family Christmas this weekend, which puts the Griswolds to shame in size, number, and sheer craze.  With 5 kids and spouses, 18 grand-kids and spouses, 23 great grand-kids (no spouses for a long time), all centered around one woman, soon to turn 90 years old, the sheer volume of this Christmas alone breaks decibel laws in our little town of Allison.  It's amazing to me to see evidence of a family that started so small and continues to grow by the great grandchild every year.  We ate amazing food, chased little ones and held our breath as they ran up and down the stairs, and reconnected with old cousins, now moms and dads, who we used to play with in Grandma's hair salon and throw balls of wrapping paper in the ceiling fan.  

Some of the great grand-kids.  Can't believe we got them all in a picture!

Papa Curt might as well be in the kid picture (and yes, that's my child beside him)...

Lots of hams... 

After a weekend of travel, food prep, and bag packing, we nestled back into our lair with a Sunday night at home, hovered over bowls of warm tomato soup and grilled cheese, and tucked under thick blankets in our basement, watching movies and reading Christmas books with Cruz.  These nights at home provide such a balance with the hustle of this season, and I hope to keep the pendulum steady for the next two weeks.

Happy 'Green' Monday to all.  I'm starting to think retail companies have created a label for every shopping day this season. 


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  1. As an up-norther, let me just say 16" and NO school cancelations was about the most ridiculous combination ever. Made for some festive tree hunting though!



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