Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Kid-Friendly, Wild and Crazy NYE

As Beau and I laid in bed around 10:48 on New Year's Eve night, we spent some time recounting old memories from our nine NYEs together.  There were memories of the famous piano bar in Minneapolis with Kyle and Jen, a few fun years at Toads, and of course, the wild and crazy night at the Bourre Lounge, bottle service, and dancing, just two weeks shy of a positive pregnancy test to kick off our 2010.  Our former NYEs together involved the very typical - dressier than normal attire, a bar full of people, confetti in your hair, and one champagne-induced sloppy kiss at the stroke of midnight.  

Our NYE this year looked a little different than the previous nine.  This was the first year that Beau nor I really felt like going out for New Year's.  We had been out and about so much around the holidays, that a night inside for the three of us just sounded right to us.  But when Monday morning rolled around and Beau left for a short day of work, I decided that it was only necessary to add some flair to our very family-style New Year's Eve.  

After all, we couldn't ring in the new year without throwing some confetti,

and we would need something bubbly, and glasses to clink after our countdown,

and we would need good food, and a little wild and crazy to say goodbye to a good year through.

So, I found some confetti, filled some festive jam jars, and emptied my vacuum cleaner's bag,

stuck a bottle of bubbly, as well as a bottle of Ikea's Pomegranate Sparkling Cider in the fridge,

dusted off the fondue pot,

and made three reservations for Shake, Rattle, and Bowl at our local bowling alley.  

Yes, from 5-7:30, Lane 26 was reserved for the three of us, and came complete with three pairs of stylin' bowling shoes, bumpers (for at least two of us), a light show, and fitting and celebratory music to ring in the new year in style.  At first, Cruz was overwhelmed by all things bowling alley, and our game proved to be good practice in taking turns, but our night ended up being a fitting and fun way to celebrate this holiday as a family.  Beau and I had a beer, we shared a greasy bowling alley pizza, and took turns trying to keep Cruz at our lane instead of by the slot machines.  We bowled three games and then Cruz pooped, so our night was cut a bit short, but I'm confident we got our money's worth :).

After our ride home and a NYE bath for Cruz, we decided to ring in the new year with the Brazilians, and had our countdown around 9:00 instead of midnight.  We huddled in the living room in our pjs, poured glasses of bubbly, and had one great counting sesh with Cruz.  

10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


I should have known ringing in the new year with a two year old would be a great time.  Little kids need no excuse to celebrate, and Cruz fully soaked up this rare occasion.  He got into the countdown, seemed a little puzzled by the fact that his mom was throwing hundreds of pieces of confetti on the carpet but quickly joined in, and thoroughly enjoyed his very first toast of this odd carbonated substance.  We cheers'ed our way to 2013, and ended our night with a carpet picnic of chocolate fondue and fruit on the living room floor.

It may not have been a bar, or bottle service, or a fabulous dress to ring in the new year, but some things proved the same.  We still had some crazy, we still shared some bubbly, and this year, I got two kisses at midnight, including a big, fat sloppy one from my favorite party animal.  

Cheers to 2013! 


  1. How cute! I need to remember to do an early countdown next year with my boys before they go to sleep. We were all in bed before midnight this year except for my husband! Happy New Year!

    1. Oh, life's stages! I had some friends who kept their kiddos up until midnight --- we would have never made it!

      Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. Sounds so fun!!! I love some of the expressions on Cruz's face! What a dolly! Love you all!

  3. What a fun, memorable New Year's Eve with your sweet boy! I love your little confetti jars!:) I think Cruz may be a bowler like his Papa Curt!!



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