Tuesday, April 21, 2015

a song for myself

Put the phone away and watch her fall asleep.  Sing her Timshel and tickle her cheeks while her eyes grow heavy.  Pay attention.  Read one more chapter of James and the Giant Peach with all the right voices.  Never refuse a bear hunt through the house.  Start the morning with Otis Redding.  Kiss Beau before work.  Take detours through the playground as much as possible.  Swing high and feel the breeze on your face.  Listen to Cruz’s superhero stories.  I mean really listen.  Tell him you love his imagination.  Be patient at suppertime.  Pour another glass of wine, dance in the kitchen, and pick Mila up when she’s wrapped around your leg.  Someday you’ll miss her on your hip.  Pray at every meal and savor every bite.  Let them climb dirt piles and eat freezy pops in the tub.  Take time to teach them little things, like how to crack an egg and how to apply lipstick.  They are always watching.  Slow down.  Smile.  Savor.      


  1. Love this Ash!! Such good stuff!! Put it on your fridge! Sweet, sweet pictures!



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