Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Easter...

My last Easter post.  Promise!

A few more from Arnka Acres.  Cruz wanted to hop on the other side of that fence and play among the baby goats immediately, but Mila was a little more reserved.  She was content standing on the sidelines, looking in from the other side; that is, until a goat decided to come up to the fence and nibble on her little fingers.  She was definitely not a fan of that!

I think Cruz thought the goat was going to eat him! 

I've decided we need a hopscotch somewhere in our yard.  Cruz has always been interested in this game and he's got some moves!

Mila, however, has become quite fond of the swings.  She loves them, especially this one, where she can ride on someone's lap and hold on all at the same time!

We always get a little frustrated by the seemingly impossibility of getting these four sweeties to sit and all smile at the same time for a picture.  But man would they be boring if they all looked the same.  These make me laugh out loud, for they represent the beautiful chaos that exists when they get together.

And now, Mila on the porch - a fitting way to end this Easter post. :)

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