Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our Farmhouse Photo Shoot

In an effort to organize my pictures from 2015, I realized I never posted pictures from Mila's last photo shoot from her year baby plan.  They were taken at our photographer and friend, Darcy Dempster's new fixer upper farmhouse just west of Cedar Falls.  Her property is sprawling with so many great buildings, trees, and fences for backdrops, and paired with her creative eye, makes for a perfect spot to spend a pretty summer night.  We had lovely weather, and it was so nice to just let the kids do their thing and take a few snaps every now and then. :)  We also loved including a couple of her farm cats in the pictures - they like it out there, too.

These pictures are a welcomed break in these winter months.  Yesterday the temperatures crept close to forty and it felt like a heat wave!  I look at these pictures and long for bare feet, green grass, and late summer sunsets.  All in time, I suppose.  


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