Friday, April 1, 2016

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Happy April, everyone!  We made it through another winter, and spring, and more importantly, sunshine, are well on their way.  For me, April 1st means just four more weeks of this semester, one final paper due for class, no more snow gear to pack in little bags, house projects and spring cleaning lists, and longer days capped off with neighborhood walks and board games on the back deck.  We've got garden beds to build, winter clothes to sort through, and summer bucket lists to plan, and it all sounds so refreshing.  I'm ready for green, for bare feet, and for sun-kissed cheeks.  And now, we don't have long to wait.

iPhone snaps to start the month.  While I still prefer my DSLR, these little devices are sure a nice replacement for those impromptu and expected moments.

Cruz and I on our breakfast date before I attended Gerald and Piggie at Gallagher with his preschool class.  The show was good, our breakfast conversation was my favorite part, but in Cruz's book, nothing beat the bus ride. :)

Hands down, one of our favorite things to do together is dig in to each month's Kiwi and Koala Crate surprises.  This was last month's Koala Crate, complete with mini canvases to paint, a personalized painter's apron, and a bag of treasures to turn into an abstract sculpture masterpiece.  Last night while I was at night class, Cruz and Beau worked on this month's crate, a magic show for our little magician to perform.  It worked out perfectly, as I loved being his audience for all his new tricks.  

A fun night out with this crew at the Impact Outdoors Annual Banquet.  What was more fun, though, was reconvening for a late night at the Petries.  Love these people and our growing friendship.

Saturday morning bath time shenanigans.  Always with a purple sucker for Mila and a mystery one for Cruz.  Because we can't take a bath without them. 

Spring Break at Scheels!  We played golf, checked out some wild animals, read up on the history of Lincoln and Reagan and purchased some Cubs' swagger for baseball season.  What more could you need? :)    

Team Jorgensen!

A morning at the library.  We skipped story-time and instead hunkered down in the corner with all the holiday books.  Mila ate Goldfish and Cruz begged to check out some Christmas books.

I love watching her sleep in her pretty pink crib.  Not sure how much longer she'll be in there, but it's definitely her little haven.  With her blankies and all the stuffed bunnies, of course.

Chicken piccata, a revisited old favorite that needs to be back in the rotation.  

Our loot from one super fun Saturday at Funky Junk a Loo in Downtown Waterloo.  I'm already counting down the days until next year's!

And hopefully pomegranate margaritas will follow!

A few favorite snaps of my girl in her new spring outfit on our little Sunday afternoon together.    

And that's more like it. :)

Some shelf displaying with my vintage copper kettle I found at the sale, and a few more Anthropologie treasures to add to my collection.

A Good Friday lunch date with my main squeeze.  Cu's lunch menu is one of the best in town - and their lobster bisque is my absolute favorite thing to eat.  

Cruz does this thing sometimes when he hears Mila wake up before we do.  He'll grab a few books (notice his titles), climb into her crib, and either read them to her or grab her a few of her own.  All he's forgetting now are the cups of coffee and morning newspaper. :)

Easter morning, with mimosas this year.  They asked if we wanted unlimited and we said, why not?  A fun little turn of events for our Sunday.

Hy-Vee's Market Grille Sunday brunch does not disappoint.  They had everything you could think of, and then some.  Their dessert table was full of all these pretty glasses filled with different parfaits - and I loved the carrot strawberries!

Spring projects have started.  A year later, we have reached my favorite part of building a house.  We're all settled, the big decisions have been made, everything has a place, and now we can start to think about fun little accents to personalize so many areas I love about our space.  My own Chipper Gaines built this distressed bench for our entryway in two nights last weekend and I was reminded just how talented he is with this woodworking thing.  I was a little nervous when I checked on him in the garage and found him whipping this thing with a chain, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  

I ordered two pies from our church's Try Pie initiative, a program that seeks to build a community of teenage girls in the Cedar Valley, teaching them leadership, business, and amazing baking skills.  I ordered a raspberry and peach blackberry, and the raspberry was one of the best pies I have ever had.  I will now stock my freezer with these babies every time they send out orders.

We've reached that season where the forecast can't make its mind, where weekly forecasts show temperatures that range from 70 to 27 (next week), and we set drop plans on the one nice day last week so we make sure to get outside while the sun is shining.  Some consistency will be nice, indeed, but we'll savor the sunshine days whenever they grace us with their presence.    

And last but not least, a little video to get you in the mood for the weekend.  That's right, the Jorgensen family band has a new single out, and it's dope.  It's called, In Our Band, of course, and if you listen closely, Mila has the countdown part down pat.  Happy weekend and Happy SPRING! 

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