Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our Easter Weekend

We had lots of plans for Easter weekend - Saturday night church at Orchard, early morning church in Allison with my parents, a big Easter dinner at Grandma's, egg hunts with the kids, and all the other pastel and chocolate bunny traditions that go with one of my favorite days.  But the flu bug hit pretty much my entire family except the four of us, so we decided to quarantine ourselves and have our own little Easter weekend together.


And aside from my family being sick (sorry family), I sort of liked our weekend.  It was an excuse to stay home and approach the holiday with a much slower-pace than the typical - a chance to relax, breathe, and wear pajamas whenever we chose, and to have plenty of time to focus on what Easter is really about - a truth that sometimes get pushed to the side in the hustle and bustle of food prep, family gatherings, and so many places to be.  And since we made sure to do most of our own family traditions on Saturday, our Sunday was a wide open space for us to plan on the fly and do a whole lot of nothing.


Saturday, Mila and I baked chocolate chow mein nests while Beau and Cruz went to Ninja Zone.  She wore her sweet bunny apron and ate as many Cadbury eggs as she could fit in her hand.  We took a nap together in our big bed, did an egg hunt inside, and had Pablos before church.  We took advantage of Orchard's Saturday night service, a smaller, more intimate setting than we expected, and Mila played babies in the nursery while Cruz sat between Beau and I, watching in awe as the drummer did his thing and drawing pictures of aliens and UFOs during church.

After plans changed early Sunday morning, I called and scored a last minute reservation for the Sunday brunch buffet at Hy-Vee.  And it did not disappoint!  We enjoyed carved ham and prime rib, shrimp, smoky salmon and baked eggs with hollandaise sauce, unlimited mimosas, and one impressive dessert table with chocolate mouse parfaits in wine glasses and orange tinted chocolate strawberries that looked like carrots.  Afterwards, we picked up some groceries to prepare a little Easter dinner of smoked ribs, potatoes, roasted veggies, and a fresh baked raspberry pie

The rest of the day was lazy and slow, parallel to the chilly and cloudy weather this Easter Sunday.  Cruz spent most of the day in his Easter basket, building his new Lego sets, putting his new Star Wars puzzle together, and watching his new Peanuts movie, and Mila spent most of the day wandering around the house playing "Let It Go" from her new Frozen microphone.  We put the kids in their Easter clothes, set up in the tripod for a few family pictures, then changed into our pajamas shortly thereafter.  I watched Fixer Upper reruns, drank hot tea and read my book, and fixed the kids our traditional egg carton supper while Beau and I enjoyed the ribs.  And we ended our Sunday with the Walking Dead and raspberry pie. :)

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