Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mila's Turn | Preschool

Tuesday morning, you had your first day of preschool.  You missed your first official day last Thursday because you decided you needed a few extra days at home with Mom, or because you had a little virus called croup.  It was no fun.  So Tuesday, we woke up bright and early ready to celebrate you.  You wore your favorite striped twirly dress, packed your backpack, and even picked out a headband to wear in your hair.  Daddy decided to go into work a little late and the four of us grabbed bagels at Panera together before school.  Then we said goodbye to the boys, snapped a few photos of you, and went to Blessed Beginnings to see your new room and meet your new sweet teacher, Mrs. Peters.  Preschool for you is a little less "new" because you already spend your days inside the walls of Nazareth, so preschool simply means a new teacher, a different structure, and some new friends who aren't quite as acclimated to the ins and outs of school like you are.  I smiled at other parents who really were dropping their babes off for their second day in a brand new place, and then smiled as you confidently stood in line with your friend Emerson, both in your pretty dresses and hair bows, and looked at me a little bit puzzled when I lingered longer than a typical drop-off day.  You finally said, "Mom, you can go now," which made me sad and proud of your independence at the same time!


Earlier this summer, I had the perfect opportunity to spend a whole Saturday just me and you.  Daddy was helping Papa Curt on a landscape project and Cruz was invited to spend the day with a friend from school.  We had the sweetest day.  We picked up supplies for a tea party, cheese and crackers and grapes and the cutest little tea cakes at Hy-Vee, and headed to the quiet Hearst Center to sit amongst the flowers and pour real water into your sweet tin teacups.  We've done this every summer since you could walk, but this year was the year it clicked for you.  You have the best imagination and get lost in your own independent world of play, especially when your stuffed animals and baby dolls are involved. It didn't take you long to become lost in your own little world as you shared your grapes, asked your friends questions in your sweet little voice, and poured us tea all while holding and rocking your baby.  I played along some, but mostly sat back and watched you, your wispy blond hair, brown legs, and dainty hands, and felt very thankful God gifted me with you.  

And because I know these years are fast, I wanted to write down a few things about you at this stage to remember.  You are sweet, but still as spirited as ever. :)

...You have the cutest little voice and a crazy vocabulary for three.  The other day, you wouldn't stop saying "created" in the correct context ("Today I created a picture of" or "We created a game to play on the trampoline"), and the other day I heard you say "That is unbelievable" when you were playing with your dolls.  Your munchkin voice and the words you say create a pairing that make strangers stop and linger a little longer to listen to you when we are out and about.  I can always tell because of their smile. :)

...At the same time, you can clear out a room really fast with your demands and shrill screams.  These tantrums are random, completely ridiculous most of the time, and you are one stubborn girl to reason with.  The other day, you lost it when I casually told you you have to wear shoes in the wintertime.  You started crying, kicked me, and ran to your bedroom, slamming and locking the door behind you.  These moments leave your dad and I looking at each other with blank stares, usually saying something along the lines of "What just happened?" ;)

...You have been talking nonstop since you were 18 months old, but for some reason, you have no interest in learning your name.  You can't spell it, can't write it, and still seem most content scribbling out of the lines instead of focusing on your drawing or coloring skills.  Thankfully, you have an easy name to spell and write, and we're hoping preschool incites an interest this year. :)

...You love your twirly dresses, throw a fit if I have laid out pants for you to wear, to the point where your dad has given me full permission to order every color and style of twirly dress inventory.  I still like some variety in your closet, but our mornings flow much easier when the twirly dress wins.

...Your teachers comments often on how great of a friend you are.  This makes us especially proud.  You seem to have a maternal tendency, especially toward the friends younger than you, and I love that you desire to make them feel happy and loved. 

...You love your baby dolls and stuffies and little blanket a whole lot.  You have names for them, too, and it's always funny to hear what you come up with.  Ella, Kella, and Nella are my favorites.

...You like routine, especially when you request (ahem, demand) "a show and a snack and some water" after school.  A few goldfish, a sippy of water, and an episode of Dora or Elena will always settle you down when you're feeling a bit feisty.  

...You totally know how to pour on the charm with your dad.  It's ridiculous!  We will be in the car driving somewhere and I'll say, "Mila, what do you want to do today?" and you will say, "I want to snuggle with my daddy with our favorite blanket and watch the Cubs game," to which Daddy makes a big deal and says how great of an idea that is.  This is a "thing" the two of you have and it's hilarious to me that you know just how to push his buttons.  

...You also have the neighborhood boys wrapped around your finger.  There are seven of them who play together often and you are the only girl.  We always laugh when one of the boys will come to the door and ask if Cruz can play.  Even when he says he doesn't want to, they will then ask if you can play.  Sometimes, you say yes and barrel out the door.  This is especially funny when you're leading the pack of 3rd and 4th grade boys to the trampoline.  This might not be as funny, however, when you are sixteen. :)

Happy first day of preschool, sweet girl.  Keep living life sweet and loud, all at the same time.  We love you!  

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