Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Ty

I remember when Beau and I started dating, we used to embrace spontaneity all the time. Late night trips for milkshakes at Perkins, Sunday 'fundays,' Scrabble nights at the laundromat, and five course dinner nights with tabs way larger than we could afford were all part of our rich dating history. We were in college and being spontaneous was easy...we stayed up late and didn't think about being tired the next day; we charged restaurant tabs unconcerned with paying them back later; we watched movies instead of studied because a test was just a test.

I am so thankful for those days. And even though it is harder to come by these days with a house payment, demanding job, and plans to start a family, I still see glimpses of it every now and then.

Last Sunday, I decided on a whim to go to Madison and visit Sarah and Levi. I've been missing Sarah so much lately and missing having chances to talk to my husband without the distractions of paper grading, television watching, or house cleaning. So...Sunday morning, Beau and I left Waterloo to go see Sarah, Levi, and baby Ty. Ty, Sarah and Levi's first baby is just about three months old, and I couldn't wait to snuggle up with him for an entire day.

The three hour drive went unbelievably fast. Beau and I had so much to talk about! We also invested in our very first 'tomtom' to help us navigate through Northeast Iowa and Southwest Wisconsin. I've decided that now that we have a tomtom, it is important that we get our money's worth and travel to undiscovered places a lot!

Sarah, Levi, and Ty were excited to see us! Levi and Beau quickly settled into the Bears game (Beau was excited to talk football with a fellow Bears fan), and Sarah and I talked and talked and talked! I gave Ty a bottle, had tummy time with him, and rocked him to sleep before we took off. What a precious little boy!

I need to practice being spontaneous more often. 6 hours in the car talking with myhubby, snuggling up with a baby, and sharing gossip and laughter with a best friend was the perfect therapy!

P.S. Watch out all you distant relatives/friends!

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