Saturday, September 26, 2009


"Everyone should take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."
I am an Iowa girl who loves the four seasons. I love the first smell of fresh cut grass, clean windows, and the first bike ride of spring, late nights grilling, chilling, and sitting on the deck during summer, and weekends 'snowed' in during winter. Perhaps most of all, I love the season of fall. I love hoodies, football games, pumpkins, crisp walks and crunchy leaves, a glass of wine, a bowl of soup, and a roast slow-cooking in the oven. But as life gets busier, I often find myself sprinting through each day without taking time to stop and enjoy all that the season has to offer. is my personal list of what I would like to find the time to do before the days get short and the snow begins to fall...

1. go away for a day...take a hike to Pike's Peak to see the fall leaves, pick some apples, and enjoy a glass of vino with Beau
2. snoop around in some gift shops with Mom
3. get arms deep in a couple of pumpkins; carving the skins and roasting the insides
4. pamper myself on a much-deserving relaxation Saturday...a hot bubble bath, fuzzy bath robe, and a good book
5. clean flannel sheets on the bed
6. caramel apples, turtle corn, and wild rice soup
7. a girls' night IN...movies, junk food, and gossip
8. cuddling up in a movie theater- a great flick, warm hoodies, and greasy popcorn
9. a fall baking apple cider, fresh pie, and zucchini bread
10. a visit to Beau's parents
11. a night in with Beau- a little Frank Sinatra, home-cooking, and late night walk
Quite the spread from 'Fall Fest' party last October!

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