Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And so it begins...

Thanksgiving week.  Today, I took a pit-stop on the way to work to pick up my first Eggnog Latte of the season.  And although the fact that Starbucks was out of their festive red cups almost sent me out the door without my latte, the first hot sip that sent that liquid warmth all the way to my toes was enough to make me forgive Mr. Starbuck.  It's joy in cup, a simple pleasure that's worth the $4.55 every now and then.

Today in class, I made my high school students share a holiday tradition they love to take part in with their families.  I loved watching their faces light up as they spilled the beans on what characterized 'home for the holidays' to them.  Red jello salad with a pretzel crust for Charlie, a day watching every single Indian Jones movie with her family for Emily, and a Chinese food and a cozy movie in the theater for Jocelyn.  And although my class was made of all different types of students, different background and races, religious beliefs and family types, there was a strong feeling of togetherness as we shared our own comforts of home. 

Tonight is a sort of 'eve' for the holiday season.  I'm feeling very TGIF, as today is the last school day of the week.  I love how everything takes on a new sense of anticipation during the holidays.  Take cleaning for instance.  Usually, cleaning is a chore, a habit, however, during the holidays, it's as if I'm readying the house for a visit from the queen herself.  I dance around the house to the sounds of Bing Crosby, and pretend our house exists within a snow globe.  One of those Christmas scenes fit for the December calendar.  The scene this year may have to include the occasional pacifier, damp washcloth, and vTech toy, but that will add a sense of life to it I guess. 

I'm looking forward to all that is this week. 

....to Grandma Hoodjer's stuffing and carrot casserole.

...to Cruz's first taste of all the Thanksgiving classics that I find myself craving in July.

...to watching football (or listening to it as background noise) while the turkey settles.  My dad is stoked about the 49ers on Thanksgiving night, and I'm excited for everyone to be together.

....to possibly joining the ranks of the Black Friday crowd a little earlier this year.  I've 'early'ed' my time each year since college, first starting the day when the diehards were already in bed, then starting at sunrise, and just last year, waiting in line at JC Penney's for a pair of uber cheap Christmas trees.  Every year, it's something weird, something I would never EVER wait in line for any other day of the year.  But there's something about my love of shopping that thrives on days like this.  The rush, the coffee, the accepted roll-out-of-bed-and-throw-on-your-uggs look that everyone has, and the lines that extend to the back walls of Target.  This year, a lot of stores open at midnight, and I haven't decided if I support this or not.  

...time at home with my boys.  I have plans for french toast and apple cider, tree trimming, and a much anticipated fire in the fireplace.  I know the weather forecast is talking 60s for Thanksgiving, but we may just have to pretend during tree trimming.  My tree is up but begging for our annual ornament hanging, and Cruz has decided it's awesome to army crawl in a circle at the base of the tree.  

...scouring the Thanksgiving Day ads for hot deals and $10 Younkers coupons.

...curling up a little deeper under the covers knowing morning won't come quite so early.

...a carpet picnic and Christmas movie.  

...PLAYTIME and all the 'normal' stuff with Cruz.  Snacks and mornings in pajamas, play dates in the toy room, and afternoon naps together.  

Hoping the holiday weekend goes slow!  Wishing all of you lots of comforts this Thanksgiving week. 

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