Sunday, November 6, 2011

101 in 1001 - an update

It's been awhile since I've updated my 101 in 1001 list, and as promised, here is my progress.  

24.)  Finish our basement...for the third time.  
While it isn't quite the Pottery Barn vision I had in my head, it's finished, it's functional, and it was affordable.  Finishing our basement has been quite the adventure, but the Floods of 2008, one Beaver Dam lining the entire room, and the discovery of a wood laminate that can be wet later, we now have a family room just right for family movie nights, as well as a toy room to hold Cruz's own little Toys 'R Us store.  

Right after the luscious wood paneling was removed...too bad I didn't score a picture of it, however, it's one sight I don't care to have in my memory...

Next step, dry wall, dry wall dust, and more dry wall dust.  MUST RECORD ON PAPER: Beau said he WILL NEVER AGAIN APPLY OR SAND DRYWALL.  We also discovered just how tough it is attempting home improvement with a busy pre-toddler.  

And, our work-in-progress.  We still have to touch up paint and get something on the walls, but it's a fun, child-proof place for Cruz to hang out without being distracted by the numerous 'adult' possessions upstairs.  This $20 table we scored from IKEA is definitely a favorite of Cruz's, and the picture frame wire we hung for all of his art projects is a favorite of mine.  A place to display my boy's creative spirit, so to speak... 

Cruz loves his little play world, and I love having a place to go with his toys.  We've spent many nights down here together, building towers as tall as his table, pushing cars on the smooth floor, and coloring on over-sized sheets of white paper.    

Playing school with Daddy...

Fortunately, Cruz no longer attempts to climb onto the the tiny table #daredevil...

And speaking of IKEA...

34). Go to an IKEA store.  
A few weeks ago, Beau, Cruz, and I escaped for a little getaway to the Twin Cities.  I love little getaways like this- not anything too crazy, just a break from the day-to-day routines of life.  We went to visit our friends' new baby boy, and cozy'ed up in a hotel room Friday night.  Saturday morning, after Cruz took his first bath away from home (in a tub at the Double Tree Hotel), we had pancakes at Denny's and shopped 'til we dropped at IKEA.  

I didn't snap pictures of the experience because quite simply, I was overwhelmed.  The people, the lines, and the Yahtzee-type notepads and half pencils used to mark where items are in the storeroom were enough to make me a little dizzy.  Cruz, however, loved the excitement and especially loved the carts.  We were able to find a few deals to help us complete our basement project, however, didn't get to experience the frozen yogurt and meatballs we've heard so much about.  I guess there's our reason to go back :)

We just couldn't be in Bloomington without a trip to the Mall of America.  It was Cruz's first experience at the Mega Mall and needless to say, he was enthralled.  We threw pennies in the marble fountain outside Bloomingdales, checked out the new Lego giants at Lego Land, and took a ride on the carrousel at Nickelodeon Universe.  

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  1. I love Cruz's new toyroom. He looks SO cute sitting by his table! That picture of daddy & Cruz playing school cracks me up!! The pictures from the Mall are adorable! I want to go to IKEA! Love, Grandma K (or is it Grandma T now?)



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