Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day... my heart-throb, the man who makes my dreams come true.

I'm blessed to spend my life with you and watch you as a daddy.  I always knew you'd be amazing at it, but never knew how fulfilling it would be to have a front row seat.  

This summer especially, I sometimes feel like I have a glimpse into what you were when you were Cruz's age.  That confidence and independence, charming, but mischievous grin, surfer boy hair and tan skin, and sweet, but oh-so-devilish flash in your eye have lived on in your son, and I am lucky to get to fall in love with all of it again.  I was hopelessly swooning when I met you, and am feeling the same way all over again.


Your playfulness and tenderness, calm assurance and patience is inspiring to me, and makes me want to be a better mama.  I love watching the two of you interact, whether it's chasing after a soccer ball with your shirts off, sleeping forehead to forehead in the morning while I get ready, or walking hand-in-hand to get the mail after work, I melt watching the two of you together.  You are Mumford and Sons at bath time, 'Fire and Rain' at bedtime, lyrics on the fridge that you think I might like, and the key to Cruz and I's heart.

Happy Father's Day, babe.  

And Happy Father's Day to all the hard-working daddies out there.  Wishing you perfectly grilled steaks, an icy cold brew, and some well-deserved time to put your feet up.


  1. ADORABLE! I love this entire post! Hope you are having a great day... your little man is just precious :)

    please stop on by:

  2. So adorable. Love how you used the letters... ;)

  3. Great Post! And Cruz is so adorable!

  4. I love this idea! And Cruz performed perfectly! Such a precious boy & a special gift for his daddy!! So fun!!!



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