Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Picture Sneak Peek and Giveaway Winner

Last Thursday night, Beau, Cruz, and I reconnected with Darcy from At Play Photo to take some pictures of our family.  Darcy was our go-to photographer throughout Cruz's first year, and I fell in love with her creative style and natural eye.  While many may wonder why I get professional photos taken when I take so many myself, I love getting to see someone else at work, and love getting some pictures of the three of us together.  Most of all, I love that Darcy usually has something up her sleeve that would be pretty hard to recreate myself (not to mention she's a master in the golden light ;).  

Thursday night was the perfect example.  Our scheduled shoot happened to fall during Cedar Falls' Sturgis Falls celebration, which comes complete with an entire street filled with carnival games, rides, and sugary food.  This became the perfect backdrop to document our family at this stage, which at times, feels like a circus!  So, we walked through the carnival, spent way too much money on games, lemonade, cotton candy, and a carrousel ride in hopes to get a smile from Cruz, and mostly chased him around and tried to get him to hold still for two seconds.  I'd say Darcy definitely earned her money after the workout he gave her :)

I love the colors, the amazing light, and the real-life that seems to peer through these images.  Visit here to see our a sneak peek of our images.

Last but not least, a winner of my Amazon Book Hop Giveaway (drum roll, please)...

Congrats to Tamar W., who wrote:
"I recently read Dream New Dreams by Jai Pausch; it was a sad story from the widow of Randy Pausch of the Last Lecture. Certainly not the page turner you were thinking about, but it was sad... "
I will be contacting you shortly with your prize :)

Thanks so much to all who entered.  I LOVED reading all of the titles of the page-turners you are reading, and even added a few to my list.  My mom, a librarian at a public library, was especially grateful :)

Have a great day!

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  1. Your family pictures are beautiful! what an awesome, unique idea for pictures-very cool!!



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