Thursday, October 11, 2012

Almost Two

When it comes to the age-old debate as to whether one’s child looks more like his mom or more like his dad, I’d have to say that although ours definitely comes close, Beau usually wins by majority.  Attribute it to his wispy white-blond hair, his deviously charming grin, and his high-spirited, busy, and sometimes-disorderly demeanor, but it’s easy to see that in many ways, Cruz is very much his father’s son.  But, while many may say ‘he’s all Beau,’ there are definitely traits that prove he’s got some mama in him, too. 

He’s got my brown eyes. 

And he’s got my nose.

And he’s doing more and more with his left hand lately, making us wonder if Beau may have scored his left-handed Cubs pitcher after all.

But beside the physical traits that appear apparent to most, there is one thing Cruz does especially well that he most definitely gets from his mama. 

He loves to pretend.

The other night, we played for a good hour with his new Sesame Street house and Little People bus.  We took turns strapping Elmo and Cookie in the bus, driving them to Mr. Hooper’s storefront, to which Cruz would whip up whatever I was hungry for.  He made everything from chocolate shakes to chicken pot pie, sat in pride and satisfaction as I tried (and paid for) my dishes.  Before long, Cruz ran into the kitchen, pushing his new shopping cart in front of him at a steady speed.  Not long after, he returned with two leftover paper plates from his party, set them down on the living room floor, placed Elmo on one and Cookie on the other, and got back to work in Mr. Hooper’s store, preparing our next feast --- this time with guests. 

Our Cruz Man has quite the imagination lately, and is content keeping busy on his own, entertaining himself in a world full of pretend, at a level I find pretty astonishing for his age.

Then again, he is almost two. 

Tomorrow, our boy turns two years old.  It’s incredible to think that just two years ago, we welcomed this perfect little person into our lives, a person who would fit so naturally into our mold, yet fill our lives with new lessons, new learning, new laughter, and a new love we could have never dreamed of.  From those early days at home where everything was new and peaceful and pure, to the many milestones we’ve witnessed, and the many memories we’ve cherished, every month and every stage has been its own unique journey.  And in that journey, I’ve learned more about myself and have been challenged to grow as an individual more than ever before.

I feel so blessed to get to share my life with this little boy of mine, and am grateful for every gift his life has given us.

I am so proud to be his mama.

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  1. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday Cruz!! Papa Curt & Grandma Kelly love you so much!!



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