Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hey October, We're Having a Party

Just in case I might be AWOL on the blog this week, there are good things to come!  In just twelve days, our little boy turns two years old.  I'm having a hard time processing that one, and have been filling my down-time with party planning in hopes of avoiding coming to terms with the fact that my baby isn't so much a baby anymore.  

(cue that weird flip-flop feeling in your stomach)

I've got lots of reflecting to do this week and next, and a party in the works, too!  Cruz's favorite TV show is soon to be brought to life here on Saturday, and I've got some planning to do!  

  photo invitation designed by graceandco (etsy shop by kristin o'reilly)

This picture took us three tries --- as in, three different nights, three different balloon bouquets, and three attempts to corral our stubborn picture taker to hold a string of balloons and simply walk.  I actually think I may have given my son a balloon complex.  The first time, the wind was blowing so hard that our poor child was almost forced to take a swim in the cold waters of George Wyth Lake.  The second time involved a dirt pile (need I say more), and the last time, we finally got smart and enticed our child with a dum dum (which in fact was blue, and the reason this picture is of Cruz's back instead of his face, which looks like he did in fact take a dip in the cold waters of George Wyth Lake).  Three nights and $30 in balloons later, we scored a picture for our invites.  

There you have it, folks --- a behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot with a soon-to-be 'terrible' two...  

Happy October, everyone. 


  1. This is great! We did Sesame Street for Tyler's first birthday and it was so much fun! I found a ton of fun craft ideas on pinterest to make for the party! Have a super fun birthday Cruz!

  2. SO CUTE!!! I love Sesame Street. I might 'borrow' this idea for BB's 2nd bday next year!



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