Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello, Third Trimester

Halloween week is upon us and I'm feeling a little ghostly this morning as I welcome the third trimester with a chorus of under the weather symptoms.  A cold virus has plagued our household this week and we thankfully got Cruz over the hump just in time for me to feel it this morning.  I'm sucking on Vitamin C drops and taking it easy around here this week, hoping it doesn't stick around too long.  We have yet to carve pumpkins, yet to paint the baby girl's room, and yet to decide what it is our little man is going to be for trick-or-treating!  I do, however, have soup on the agenda, a 28-week appointment tomorrow, and three paint colors on the wall that I hope to narrow down by the weekend.  I told Beau we have to get a move on things as I fear I'm going to be moving a lot slower this time around!

Beau and I had a little Halloween fun this weekend at a costume party at Rob and Jill's.  I loved it - usually it's the woman who is cold, uncomfortable, and showy, and Saturday night, it was quite the opposite.  We went as Juno and Bleeker from the movie, Juno, and I took full advantage of my ensemble (and my gallon of Sunny D) all night.  It did absolutely nothing for my figure, but baby girl and I were more than comfortable all night.  It may have been my only chance to attend a costume party while pregnant, so we had fun making the most of it.  It will be fun to share pictures with the baby someday and tell her about her first Halloween party!

The movie poster...

Not bad, huh?!

My track star, aka, dreamboat, Bleeker  


  1. Seriously.....that is hilarious! Where did he find the exact outfit to look like Bleeker? You could BE the poster children for Juno! Love it!



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