Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Images of Gratitude - Day Three

11.  Holding you for the very first time

Childbirth was the most surreal, amazing experience of my life.  It's one of life's miracles that can only be explained through something much bigger than ourselves.  I won't ever forget the day that I met Cruz Bennett, the relief I felt to see him and hold him in my arms, and the love that instantly filled my heart.  I am so thankful for the chance to do it all over again and my arms are aching for that warmth of a swaddled newborn babe.  

12.  Our wood fireplace

I love our fireplace, love that any night with a fire is a special one, and love all the sweet pictures I have of a pajama'ed Cruz nestled under snug blankets with that familiar orange glow behind him.  Movie nights are a ritual this time of year, and are always paired with blankets piled high next to the Christmas tree, a bowl of air-popped popcorn, and that soft crackle of the fire in front of us.  This is home to me.  

13.  Family

We are blessed to have our families close and I am thankful for images like the one below.  For cousins growing up together, a papa with an endless supply of lawnmower rides, a grandma with the best shoulder to sleep on, and a childhood home I can now share with my babies.  I'm thankful for the familiar comfort of being surrounded by those who know you best, the old traditions that are reignited once again, and the new memories made each year.  

14.  The carefree days of summer

I know I already mentioned the changing of seasons, but the mid-year months of June, July, and August deserve their very own spot on my thankful tree.  I am thankful to have a job that allows me to be home in the summertime, especially now that I have these little people to spend them with.  Life slows down when the days get long and we spend our time with our toes in the pool and our heads in the clouds.  That, and my boy gets a wicked tan in the summertime and looks like a little surfer boy.   

15.  Baby feet

Thankful for them.  Because someday, they will indeed turn in to adult feet, so it's important to appreciate them while they're tiny and cute.   

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