Monday, December 22, 2014

Another Year of Boone's Crazy Antics

Well, Boone has been back every morning since he first helped us usher in the month of December with a warm hot cocoa party for Cruz.  I am pleased to say we have only went to bed once without remembering to find Boone a new landing spot for the night - I chalk that up to having four adults here this year!  As annoying as our little friend can sometimes be, he has also become this silly yet important part of our family during the holidays and at this point, I don't think our December would be the same without him!  Cruz loves discovering him every morning and I'm still trying to figure out if he think it's a funny game we play or if he's sold on the whole magic thing.  One morning, Boone made Cruz a paper Christmas chain with a sign that read "22 More Days."  Moments after discovering him, Mom and I watched Cruz nonchalantly open the wastebasket and notice the leftover red and green construction paper at the top.  We couldn't believe it!  Last week, though, Cruz freaked when Mila grabbed Boone by the leg, shrieking, "HE'LL LOSE HIS MAGIC!!!"  And when Boone brought Cruz a personal electronic message from Santa himself, well, my boy's mind was blown.  

Here are a few of my favorite Boone moments from 2014...:)

Cruz was surprised to see Boone in his car seat this early Monday morning.  Nothing to kill the post Thanksgiving break blues than a bag of snow-covered donuts and a sweet message to be a good friend and have a great week of school.  

I found this free Spidey mask printable and knew my superhero loving boy would love to see Boone hanging upside down from the ceiling fan. 

The infamous chain Cruz has since loved using to count down the days 'til Christmas.

The night we decorated the tree, Boone decided to do a little of his own decorating.  Until he got stuck in the castle tower, of course!

Cruz thought this one was pretty funny!

We improvised on this one a bit after I did not approve of the choice of bottle my father chose. 

One of my favorites of the year.  That silly Boone drew red noses (or green facial hair) on everyone in our family while we slept.  Mila included!  It was hilarious to play along as Cruz tried to explain what was on our noses when we first woke up.  He didn't put it all together until he discovered Boone by his bed holding a red marker.  Pretty sneaky!

A midnight story hour...

After getting trapped outside the night before (didn't get a picture of that one), Boone decided to warm up with his own fire and some s'mores. 

He drew Cruz a picture after being super impressed with Cruz's retelling of the Christmas story.  The note says, "Good Christmas story, Cruz.  I was listening!"

I scored this ugly sweater wine bottle coat at a dinner party with our friends, Aram and Katy, the other night.  It just happened to fit Boone perfectly and kept him quite warm while he was stuck in the fridge for a day. 

Hard to believe we only have three more nights with our Boone friend!  It's Christmas week!


  1. These are really cute ideas! We were pretty boring this year with our elf. One of our older girls had a few fun tricks and set him up for me. Made it nice to share the "chore". I do enjoy watching them hunt for his new hiding spot. Merry Christmas!



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