Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Part 2

More highlights from our Thanksgiving weekend...
// We had a lazy day on Friday.  I chose to do my Black Friday shopping in my pajamas in front of the computer screen and drink chai lattes while the boys watched football and the kids took warm bubble baths.  Cruz and I also did some Christmas crafting and helped Grandma sort her button collection. :)

// Friday was the annual Holiday Hoopla in our downtown.  Every year, our town comes alive with families young and old, dressed in their warmest winter gear ready to march with Santa to light the Christmas tree and watch the fireworks.  For the fifth year in a row, we snuggled up in a booth by the front window at Soho, sipped almond joy martinis and munched on sweet potato fries, and awaited Santa's arrival.  And just like in our favorite scene from Elf, the entire street stood together and sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", all eyes to the sky awaiting the man in red.  I adore this night so much.  

Our kids loved it, too.  When we found ourselves in front of Olaf himself, I figured Cruz would be starstruck, but he surprisingly turned down a picture with the frosty figure because he was afraid he'd miss Santa.  Mila was the life of the party, bouncing like her usual self amidst the crowd of people, and not batting an eye during the fireworks show.  She might have been too busy playing peekaboo with one of my former students and her mom to hear them!

Can I just say a word about this guy?  This guy was awesome!  He sounded exactly like Buddy the Elf and ran down the street in front of Santa yelling, "He's HERE!  Santa's heeeerrrreeee!!!" 

// Saturday afternoon was one of my favorites.  We found ourselves a little stir crazy and decided to take advantage of the above average temperatures with a little trip to the only park in my hometown.  We unpacked the double stroller, let Cruz get some fresh air at the park, and had quite the snowball fight before our hands got a little cold and we needed a cup of cocoa. 


// Saturday night we put the tree up.  Beau smoked a brisket, we put Elf on TV, and Mila discovered that a string of white lights is pretty much the best thing in the whole entire world.  She was nuts!

'Twas a great little kick off to the Christmas season.  We won't forget this one!  

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