Tuesday, March 31, 2015


"a portrait of each of my children, once each week, in 2015"

Cruz: Two of Cruz's favorite people, Charly and Hayes, came over on Sunday for our annual egg dyeing party.  Boy was it nice to have more room this year!  The kids stay at the table a little longer each year and are fascinated by the whole process.  Cruz's favorite part was dipping (ahem, dropping) the eggs in the cups of food coloring and using the egg holder to lift them out and check on their progress.  Before too long, they were done and we spent the rest of the afternoon rethinking the circular design of our house layout!  I wonder how many laps the three of them made!

Mila:  This picture makes my heart melt.  This is the essence of my girl, sweet and proud and ready to be a part of everything this world has to offer, whether it's ready for her or not!  We went to a community egg hunt Saturday morning and she loved every minute of it.  From getting to carry around her very own bucket, to getting to intersperse with lots of other kids, she was completely in her element.  When it came time to hunt eggs, she discovered a small patch of grass full of plastic eggs, plopped down in the middle of them, and carefully added one by one to her bucket.  She hardly moved a muscle!  She clenched onto that bucket all the way to the car, grinning her scrunchy face grin from ear to ear.     

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