Monday, March 2, 2015


"a portrait of each of my children, once each week, in 2015"

Cruz: Our first night in our new house.  I hope I remember how excited he was about everything, most of his Batcave.  He has been asking about it for weeks and completely associated moving into our new house with playing with getting to play with his Batcave again.  I even asked him if he wanted to see the rest of the hosue last night and he said, "no thanks, I just want to play with my Batcave."  He was in his room most of the night, with the door closed like a teenager, getting reacquainted with his toys and setting into his new home as seamlessly as I expected.

Mila: And what has Mila been up to in her first night in our new house?  A lot of WALKING!  Mila decided to officially start walking last Saturday, February 21st and she's been improving every day since.  Papa Ray thinks she looks like an orangutang!  She prefers to have an object in both hands when teetering around the house.  She has lots of room to venture here and she looks so tiny.  This picture is especially funny to me because Daddy dressed her this morning, in an over-sized sweatshirt and blue tights because we couldn't find a clean sock in the entire place!  It's going to be a slow start getting settled, but we're celebrating our successes, one unpacked item at a time. :)   

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