Thursday, September 10, 2015


a little bucket list for this season that's on its way...

1.  bake an apple pie on a sunday afternoon
2.  order chinese takeout with beau after the kiddies go to bed
3.  pick some apples
4.  have a tea party with mila
5.  vintage craft hop with friends
6.  paint some leaves and hang them from our windows
7.  let soup simmer away on the stove top while we go on a bundled-up walk at hartman
8.  red wine, fancy cheese and blankets on the deck with beau
9.  take the kids to a football game
10. make a thankful tree
11. sip cider and read a book outside
12. decorate the porch with mums and pumpkins
13. host a soup, sandwich, and movie night
14. plant tulip bulbs
15. go on a bookstore date with cruz
16. blanket forts and books and something hot to drink
17. indian food and a movie date 
18. star wars marathon with blankets and soup 
19. weekend road trip to the bluffs
20. a football veg day - all day long

High in the sixties tomorrow. :)  I have plans for a big crock of beef stew for supper, an afternoon hike after school, and definitely something flannel.  Happy weekend, everyone!    

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