Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween 2015 // Part 2

For the first time in eight years, we took part in trick-or-treating festivities in a new neighborhood this year.  While a small part of me missed the familiarity of our old stomping grounds, it seems we moved to one of the city's hot spots when it comes to Halloween night.  While only 15 littles ventured up our cul de sac this year, nearly every light in the Meadows was on and kids of all ages filled the sidewalks ready to fill their bags with sugar.  

Our littles included!

Yes, I got my hair chopped!  Almost eight inches, I'm enjoying feeling a little lighter in at least one area of my life. :) 

Cruz loved posing in his Darth costume.  Especially when the wind made his cape fly! 

My family came over for the main event.  It was the first year we didn't pull a wagon or push a stroller, and we all followed the pace of Darth, Dorothy, Raph, and Firefighter Charly as they made their way from house to house.  Charly and Cruz knew just what to do, Hayes was a little bit shy, and Mila did her very best to keep up with the best of them.  Just like Friday, she held that pumpkin tight and marched up to the front door waiting for her prize.  Her "yo welcome" refrain was loved by all, and we trick-or-treated for a good hour before we were ready to cozy up with some comfort food and movies in front of the fireplace.

The kids immediately started shedding costumes and trading candy, and the adults warmed up with zuppa, taco dip, beef burgers, cupcakes, and cider.  I made mummy hot dogs for the kiddos before changing them in their pjs and decided Hotel Transylvania would be the movie of choice.  Sleeping bags and sippy cups of milk, kit kats, dum dums, and Papa Curt, sprawled in the middle of a sea of sleeping bags and sweet kids.   It was a good night.

Cheers to a wonderful Halloween weekend.  Now, onto turkey! :)


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