Monday, March 28, 2016


Cruz: Over breakfast yesterday, Cruz surprised me and asked why I gave him and Mila Easter baskets instead of the Easter bunny.  I have never got into the whole Easter bunny thing and am quite creeped out by the whole beady eyed mall bunnies, but quickly came to the conclusion that although we may not discuss said bunny at home, his friends have clearly filled him in.  Caught off guard (and three mimosas in), I decided to tell Cruz that there is no such thing as a furry bunny hopping all over the world delivering baskets and hiding eggs for boys and girls.  We told him it was our little secret, and then I made him laugh uncontrollably when I said the Easter bunny is in fact his Papa Curt in fake ears and his underwear.  He handled it all well, although Beau is pretty sure I was a little premature.  Afterwards, as we were picking up a few groceries at Hy-Vee, I saw yet another dressed up bunny by the produce aisle, waving at us and scaring Mila half to death.  As we walked to the car, Cruz flashed me a smile and said, "I know he wasn't real, Mommy, I could see his hairy arms under the costume." :)  

Mila: She wore this big plastic beaded necklace for 48 hours straight this weekend, minus when I snuck in her room after she had fallen asleep to pry it off her neck.  It did match her Easter dress, though, so we rolled with it.  Her two favorite finds in her Easter basket this year included a plastic Frozen jewelry box that plays "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" and a plastic Frozen microphone that sings "Let It Go."  She has had that microphone in her hand since and likes to hold it up to our mouths and say, "Your turn!"  This morning, I caught her in our bed with it singing with her eyes closed and her arm up doing a bit of a Christina Auguilera.  She gets a little embarrassed when she knows someone is watching her, but was letting loose in that moment.  It's so adorable to see her personality blossom it seems like every single week.                            

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