Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Photo Dump

We had a busy weekend following our favorite author's birthday, but did squeeze in a few fun ways to celebrate Seuss -- a Dr. Seuss-inspired muffin-tin lunch following Ninja Zone, and an Seussical snack mix for a Friday night movie night.  Cruz also had a fun week of Dr. Seuss events at school, including a crazy sock Monday, wacky day Wednesday, and pajama day on Friday.  They taste-tested green eggs and ham with Mrs. W., and had fun drawing pictures of our latest favorite, What Pet Should I Get.   

We got to meet our newest little cousin, Olivia, a few weeks ago and were all pretty smitten with her tiny little self.  The kids fought over who got to hold her, and each did such a great job being so gentle and sweet.  We sure wish Rob and Jill still lived in town, but now have a good excuse to get on I-80 a little more often.

March always calls for the perfect reason to revisit our big red hardcover collection of Dr. Seuss stories.  Beau has fond memories of reading Yertle the Turtle with his Grandma J., and it's become a favorite for Cruz as well.  The other day, he grabbed a piece of paper out of are little art cart and drew a detailed illustration that basically retold the entire story.  It's on the fridge now, but I have plans to frame it and hang it up in our future craft room downstairs.  

The morning we started the potty training thing.  The kids wore their furry Christmas Eve boots of and on all weekend.  I won't show you the picture that followed this one of sweet Mila pulling her nightie over her head to show off her brand new purple undies. :)

Late Sunday afternoon crafting at the kitchen table.  We received a half year supply of Kiwi and Koala Crates for Christmas from Aunt Gina and Uncle Gabe and the kids absolutely love unleashing the magic within each box.  This time, we made balloon powered cardboard cars, and painted washi-taped canvases. 

A Sunday afternoon nap in our bed, with her $3.48 pink bunny Mila picked out as her very first potty prize.  We often let her nap in our bed on the weekends, in large part so we can take turns slipping in beside her.

Beau and I took a rode trip to Des Moines a few weekends ago.  I spent over an hour in Anthropologie all by myself, we had lunch at Zombie Burger, and brought home this beauty for our office.  It's the last room to get furnished and all I have left is an old upright piano I can paint and repurpose.  If you know anyone looking to get rid of one, I'm in the market for something like this

We ordered another week of Plated meals and enjoyed a whole wheat pizza with figs, caramelized onions, and taleggio cheese, a smoky eggplant and lentil Indian dish served with garlic naan, and a green salad with roasted veggies and warm, panko crusted goat cheese.  Needless to say, we've been eating good lately. :)

And last but not least, Mila Carys, with a pink lolly in her new Spring outfit from Great Grandma and Grandpa.  We spotted a robin in our little tree out back and talked about bird nests and baby blue eggs.  And then Cruz asked why all babies don't hatch out of eggs and I changed the subject to Batman stuff.  Worked like a charm. :)

Happy weekend, happy March Madness, happy SPRING (it's around here somewhere!)

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