Friday, June 17, 2016

Good Things // June

There are so many words in the English language that we overuse, that we say on a daily basis with little thought or meaning behind them, watering them down to small talk and jargon.  The word good is one of those words for me.  Someone asks me how I am and I almost always reply with a single, upbeat good! as a way to not let too much out and or let too much in.  But this word, good, is so much more than I give it credit for.  It's God breathed, one of the few words he used when creating this world with His hands.  In Wild and Free, Jess and Hayley look at the Hebrew word, Tob, the word God used when His work creating this world was finished.  They write, "Isn't it amazing to think that we spend so much of our lives on this quest for the best when God has already declared it of us, His workmanship - the best?  As He created, he declared things tob.  Light, good.  Darkness, good.  Land, good.  Sea, good.  Man, good.  Woman, good.  I love the word tob.  I love what it means for me.  Good.  There is no confusion or doubt or fear - just good."


We were checking out our garden's progress the other night, a family routine I've grown to love as the sun sets and the air gets a little cooler after these long humid days.  We were marveling at the intricate details of each individual crop - the way the broccoli heads seem to bloom like roses and the way the pole beans shoot out these tiny little tentacles that naturally grab hold of our twine and begin their ascent.  I have always loved the details of each season, for they remind me of how big and amazing our Creator is.  I grew up thinking that I found God in a pew at church, but my heart and my soul find Him again and again in the details around me.  In a growing garden, in the faces of my kids as I lay next to them and watch them fall asleep, in a sunset, in a glass of water with a lemon slice, sitting on the porch on a Tuesday afternoon.  

There's been a lot of hurt in our world again this week, and the older I get, the closer I come to understand that hurt and pain is a constant we can't escape on this side of Heaven.  But the other constant is that God is always good, always revealing his glory to us through the big and the smallest details around us.  Psalm 19:1-2 says "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.  Day after day, they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge."  I love these verses so much because they remind me of how bold and creative our Maker is.  He makes no mistakes.  And although we can't begin to fathom his glory or his complexity, he gives us glimpses.  There he is, fashioning these completely beautiful moments and landscapes and details for us, as speech, as opportunities to see him, feel his presence, and connect more deeply with him.  And he does this because He's a good God, who loves beautiful things, and desires us to find joy in this world He created. 

Good things of June...  

267.  Rediscovering an old favorite playground and sharing a picnic on the landing because we had it all to ourselves.   

268. These cousins.  Our first attempt for Movies Under the Moon got rained out, so we settled for a movie under the ceiling fan instead.  We ordered Indian food, the kids played flashlight hide-and-seek before the rain came in, and they all stayed up until 11:15! 

269. Saturday morning jam sessions in an unmade bed.

270.  Running through the sprinklers in their pajamas.  So many giggles.

271. A bike trailer fit for two and a familiar journey to Pfeiffer Park and Mulligan's patio for nachos and summer ales.

272. Sunday afternoon cuddles (and Battle Bots)

273. The first swimsuits of the season, tan lines, the smell of sunscreen, and the way Mila's curls coil up in the humidity.

274. The return of deck hangs after nap.  Her insistence on dress wearing, every day.

275.  The excitement surrounding this Cubs' season.  A left-handed batting stance and balls to chase in our backyard.

276. The way Cruz always comes up with the best pictures hidden within white puffy clouds.

277. Pitchers of water in the fridge infused with weekly concoctions from the garden.  Rosemary and lemon, lime and basil, lavender and lemon. 

278.  Simple routines shared together at home.  Like peanut butter crackers, crayons while Mom cooks, and kids in the kitchen spinning salads and blending viniagarettes.  

279. A sweet little trim that made the curls bounce even more.

280. A morning at the library, two wonderful little listeners at story-time, and teepee reads with made-up story lines. 

281. Airy little cotton dresses that twirl oh-so-good.

282. Monkeys on the bed.

283. Swims in the big tub.

284. Pizza night

285. A garden that grows and changes daily.  Kale salads, kale chips, kale smoothies...

286. The way she lays her head on his, kisses him on the cheek, and calls him her best buddy Cruzey.  Last night, Cruz told Beau that when people get big, they find their one true love.  Beau asked him if I was his one true love and he said yes.  Then Cruz asked, "Daddy, will Mila be my one true love?"   

Cheers to another summer weekend and a celebration of these daddies that love us, make us laugh, and give us power bombs on the bed.  Or is that just our daddy?!


  1. A lot of Mila reminds me of Grandma Gail...mostly her fashion and accessory choices. It's a good thing :)

    1. Thank you for this comment, Syd. It made me smile and I quite agree!



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