Monday, June 27, 2016

Father's Day Fun

We hosted a little barbecue at our house for our family last weekend, complete with all the good ol' American fixings that represent summertime at its finest.  We smoked pork and ate potato salad, the kids stayed in their swimming gear most of the day, rotating from the swing set turned water slide, slip and slide, and the sprinklers, we beat the heat with margaritas, Bud Lights, and a sibling game of A#%hole, and celebrated four dads of three generations.  I can't think of four men more fitting in this dad role than Great Grandpa Merle, Papa Curt, Uncle Jordan, and our Beau.  Each very different in how they father, but equally as good.

A little photo booth fun while Daddy was golfing Sunday morning...

The kids (and the adults) got pretty good at sliding by the end of the day, especially when adding in the pool floatie as extra slip. 

The water kept the kids cool and busy for hours!  Their cousin bond is thick and I'm so glad they have each other.   

And while the kids stayed cool and played amongst themselves, the adults had our own fun.  Pitchers of margaritas and card games that haven't been played since college.  We had to look up the rules on our smart phones. :)

These pictures make me laugh.  We finally made Dad take off his sunglasses because he looked like Ray Charles. 

Time for Harper to join the party!  She slept most of the afternoon away, but came out to explore our front yard with the big kids.  I love how she's yanking on her big sister's shoestring. 

After everyone went their separate ways for bed and episode nine of Game of Thrones, we gifted our favorite Daddy of all with homemade cards and an updated frame of pictures for his office.  I'd say it was about time to get Mila in there, too, even though it was hard to replace his last set of pictures.  Boy it goes fast... 

One thing is for sure, pictures are getting easier as the kids age,  especially when I can bribe them with popsicles!

Happy Father's Day!  

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