Friday, August 26, 2016

Snapshots of a Kindergartener...

...Wednesday night, we attended your first "Backpack Night" on the eve of your first day of Kindergarten.  You were pretty quiet, but did ask your teacher where the principal's office was so you've got that covered. 

...You watched Battle Bots with Daddy before bed and then you and I had some special time together.  I gave you a new book called "If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't!"  We laughed hard and then said some special prayers, asking Jesus to give you a really great day in the morning (and for Mommy to get some sleep).

...I was up half the night, thinking all kinds of irrational things.  It felt a lot like the night before my very first day of teaching.  

...We overslept on your first day.  Daddy dressed Mila in her Easter dress and tennis shoes and she looked ridiculous, but was too crabby to mess with changing her.  He took her to school and you and I picked out a snack for your backpack and talked about the kinds of things you get to do in Art, PE, and Library.  

...We had smiley pancakes at J's Homestyle, per your request.  

...We got to Southdale a little early, and Aunt Kelli and Charly met us at the front.  It makes me so happy to know they'll be in the same building as you this year.

...The front lawn filled up fast and it was so nice to see so many familiar faces.  Jaxon's mom and dad, Ashton, Addy and Alayna, and the Gabels.  You all looked so sweet in your backpacks and first day of school clothes.

...The only thing you said as we made our way through the crowd into the front doors of the school was "Yikes!"  It was adorable and your Dad and I both flashed a grin at each other as we squeezed your hands a little tighter.  

...We found your seat and you immediately started playing with your own small bowl of tiles sitting on your name tag.  I introduced you to a sweet girl named Lauren sitting next to you and you said, "Hi, Lauren."  She said hi back, but was careful to not look up from her tower building.

...We each gave you a hug, waved to the teacher, and out we went.  And I cried all the way to the car!

five hours later...

...I knew the minute I saw you that you had had a great day.  You had a grin on your face and said it was awesome.  And you talked a mile a minute all the way home.  Here are some of the highlights of your first day, in your words of course...

"We have trays!  And this cooker guy told me to walk faster but I was too nervous!"

"And they have strawberry milk!  And chocolate milk and white milk, too, but I choosed strawberry today.  And I tried a new fruit, even though no one made me.  It was yellow and had seeds."

"I think I made two new friends.  And I didn't use my shy voice."

"I saw Kelli in the hallway and she gave me a hug.  I wanted to ask her where Charly was but there was a gap in the line and I had to go!"

"We even went to the music room and learned a song about farm animals."

"I had to help Addy on the playground because she had to go potty and she couldn't find a teacher.  We found a guy together, probably the president or something, and he helped Addy in the building."

I will look forward to your stories for the rest of the year.  I'm so proud of you!               

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