Tuesday, December 6, 2016

More Thanksgiving // Good Things

369. Black Friday shopping on the couch, with my laptop on my lap, a balsam fir candle lit beside me, a mug of cider, and no lights but the trees.  It was peaceful, until my little elves awoke and Mila discovered my cider.  

370. A slow and glorious Friday, trimming the trees and talking about all the stories that accompanied each ornament.  This was the first year both kids were actively involved, which meant the bottom third of the trees were fully stocked with precious ornaments.

They unwrapped every single ornament.  It was CUTE!

371. Little ones on Daddy's shoulders, taking turns with the most important part.

372. Always twirling. 

373. A post-tree decorating nap for both kids, and a hour to myself with the house all decorated.  And my first cocoa of the season.

374. Downtown's Holiday Hoopla.  The weather was as warm as it's ever been, and Mila was especially cute this year as she was overjoyed to be in her mittens, marching down the sidewalk exclaiming, "Let's go see, SANTA!" At one point, Cruz was on Beau's shoulders and Mila on mine, and a sea of hundreds of parents, children, and loved ones were singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," in unison.  It felt like we had stepped into a movie set of Elf, awaiting our own Santa Claus to surprise us with his entrance.  Soon, he came parading down Main Street in a lit up blue rocket ship, and like year's past, we marched behind him down our streets for the tree lighting, fireworks, and holding our littles tight to keep each other warm.  It's magical and memorable and one of our favorite holiday nights. 

375. An afternoon at the tree farm for an inaugural visit to see Santa.  And to play hide-and-seek in the evergreens for a bit. 

376. Quiet requests for Legos from Cruz, and "Belle dress" for Mila.  And a "Cinderella dress for mommy." :) 

377. All the tree pictures and how they make their faces glow.

378. Our second annual hot cocoa bar and all the cups that have been filled because of it. 

379. A winter scene puzzle spread out across our table. 

380. Board games by the fire.  With lots of flannel blankets.

381. Christmas pajamas for days.

382. Freshly bathed babes, popcorn, and a Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas.

383. When she falls asleep on me and I soak it up long before I put her to bed.  The perfect end to one good and long weekend. 

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