Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving, cont. // Turkey Day

// Our day started with UNO in a dimly lit kitchen, and a few more leaves to add to our thankful tree.

// And pancakes.  Turkey pancakes.  Cruz was also pretty excited about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, but lost interest pretty quickly after there were commercials every five minutes.  Pretty much my memories as a kid, too, switching from the broadway performances on channel 7 to the big balloons on channel 2, until finally giving up when both channels' commerical breaks fell on the same rotation.  

// A lazy Thanksgiving day, which was quite a gift being that we hosted 16 of our family members for turkey that night.  Beau smoked the bird in the Big Green Egg, I ordered pies from Try Pie, and my family brought the rest, meaning I had lots of time to read books on the couch with Cruz, paint Mila's nails, and make the house pretty.  Candles burned and Christmas music played all day as we looked ahead to family members on the porch. 

// You can probably imagine my joy when Mila asked me if I could braid her hair like Elsa.  From the girl who NEVER lets me style her hair, let alone get a brush through it most of the time, I jumped for joy as I sat her up on the vanity ledge and attempted my first side braid. 

// We had sixteen gather at our house this year, and I included our very first "kids' table", complete with turkey coloring sheets I found on Pinterest and little pilgrim crayon cups Cruz helped me assemble.  With years of memories of kids' tables at Grandma's, it made me smile to recreate a similar setup here. 

// Beau's turkey was amazing this year.  The flavor of the smoked meat, and the juiciness of even the white meat made for the best turkey I think I've ever tasted.  And his youtube studies on how to carve a turkey paid off well, for he looked like a master chef preparing our feast!

// We feasted on more dishes than we could fit on our plate, and then lounged well into the night.  And when my work came after the meal was served, and the island full of dishes needed to be done, I'm not sure I would have it any other way.  My heart is full when my house is.  To serve and be served, now that is Thanksgiving.      

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