Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mila Goose

Back in the days before this thing called social media existed, my mom took a lot of pictures with her Kodak point and shoot.  She'd develop the film either at the drug store up town or Wal-Mart, and it was always a surprise to see what the pictures looked like.  She took a lot of them, now stored in thirty or so photo albums in their basement, that document our childhood in the best way she could.  My parents didn't get techy with the whole video camera thing, but they did have a few cassette tapes of audio recordings of us.  We didn't listen to these often, but when we did we always loved hearing our little voices reading our favorite stories and saying those funny phrases we always said.  Taylor was known for his German rendition of Oh, Christmas Tree, as well as his recitation of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, and I loved the sweet recording of me reciting nursery rhymes from my favorite Sesame Street board book.  

After we got home from Texas, I noticed that same little book sitting on Mila's night stand.  Figuring my mom must have brought it for Mila to enjoy, I was surprised when she read it to me one night and knew them all.  I listened to her sweet little munchkin voice, thought back to my recording, and knew we were a short year or two away of that baby voice growing up.  So the other day, I captured it inside my camera.  And she did great!

I guess you never know when a small moment or action might become something much bigger - like a book that becomes a treasure passed down to younger generations, only to unlock years of sweet little voices frozen in time.  

**And just to make sure we are always keeping things real around here, Cruz accidentally pushed a candle off the table, which is the large crash you hear right after Mother Hubbard.  I promise, no one was hurt during the filming of this video!

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