Saturday, March 4, 2017

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We're just a week away from spring break and I've got the itch to weed out.  And I'm leaving no stone unturned!  The pantries and laundry room were my latest victims and today I'm cleaning off the iphone.  We're nearly through another winter and the sun is shining longer and brighter these days.

We hibernated a few weekends and battled through colds, coughs, and a couple of quick bouts of the stomach flu.  Nothing a day in pajamas and a few popsicles couldn't fix. :)    

Confused Midwestern kids in February, wearing winter coats with the windows down. 

A picture from Mila's 3rd birthday, at Applebees with me and Grandma.

After school quiet time with my two scholars.

Saturday morning donuts is a well loved ritual around this house.

The song that is on repeat at our house lately.  And such a good and simple reminder about the goodness of the One who saves.

Cool girl in her shades watching a little Paw-trol. 

We spent a Saturday morning in Allison, visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa, and then Grandma Kelly at the library.  We had a little picnic in the children's section and the kids of course checked out too many books to bring home.

Oreos and milk after school.

Mila helping Mom get ready for the "college girls."  I dream of a home that is always filled with such wonderful role models for Cruz and Mila.  

Those temps a few weeks ago?  Heaven!  I have a feeling we are going to have lots of fun around this swing set this summer.

Now if only I could figure out a way to put a screen door out there...

A pantry overhaul!

A wine, charcuterie, and cribbage date night.

Beau got Cruz a book filled with Dad and son projects for Christmas.  This was their first one. :)

We tried Basal Pizza for the first time a few weeks ago when another parent told me it was National Pizza Day during dance class.  Their pizza was amazing!

Friday night baths after the kids go to bed is one of my favorite ways to end the week.  Seriously.

A Saturday in our pjs.  And furry boots.  

Happy mail on a Friday afternoon.  

A pre-Valentine's date afternoon with my girl while the boys were at a movie.  We each chose pink and then went and read books at Barnes and Noble and waited for the boys.

A real date night, like out of the house and everything.  We tried Bryan's on 4th and it was some of the best food we've had in a long time.  Their mushroom bisque soup, balsamic grilled asparagus, stuffed chicken, and cucumber berry mojito were absolutely delicious.  And so was my company. :)

Thursday mornings at 6 am.  Our bagels, our Bibles, lots of caffeine, and lots of spirit food.  We always leave ten minutes later than we say we're going to and continue discussions via text throughout the day.    

Last Friday, Cruz didn't have school because of a teacher professional development day.  He was all set to go to daycare for a day to reunite with his old buddies, and on the way out the door with Beau, I casually said it would be a good day to schedule a hair appointment for Cruz since he wasn't in school.  Beau said he would see how his day panned out but wasn't making any promises it would happen.  And off they went.

About two hours later, I get this a text from Beau with this picture.  Apparently, Cruz never made it to daycare.  And throughout the rest of the day, I received several pictures of Cruz's special day at the office.  From office chair races with Uncle Phil, movies in Kaley's office, trashcan paper toss, Legos and lunch out with Beau, and learning how to use the intercom (again thanks to Phil), Cruz had the time of his life.  He won't ever forget his day at the office, and we are pretty thankful for so many Farm Bureau "aunts and uncles" who love our kids so much.   

These two.  They drive us crazy half the time, but are pretty dang sweet with each other, too.  The days are long, but the years of tippy toes on footstools and singalongs in the bathtub are so very short.   

Impromptu dinner parties around our table.  Katy's fancy chocolate cakes with gold leaf.  An outdoor fire in February.  And husbands who clean up the entire meal.  

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