Sunday, July 2, 2017

on the iphone...

That familiar "Storage Almost Full" icon has reared its ugly head on my iphone as of late, so last night I spent a good portion of my free time after the kids went to bed downloading phone pics and watching dozens of cute videos of the Mila singing Sunday school songs and Cruz giving me a five minute explanation of his latest Lego build.  I tuck all of them away into a little folder on my desktop, saving them for graduations and weddings and nights when I miss their baby voices.  This summer has made me both overwhelmingly thankful and filled to the brim with aching nostalgia.  Why must they grow so fast?

A few favorites of what's been captured on the phone so far this summer....

Our last few weeks of dance practice, fourth street in downtown Waterloo and all its brick, our Alice and Ames leos, and the way her feet are so posey.  She's my picture taker and I sure love her for it.

Aside from the occasional arguing and as Mila puts it, "Cruz, you're egging me on!" these two have been the best of friends this summer.  And I often find them doing things like this, which makes me all the more appreciative of such a loving and patient big brother. 

Pretty sweet forts in our messy downstairs.  We have two bedrooms and a bathroom finished downstairs, BUT in complete flux as we slowly work our way through the rest of this gigantic project.  But, the messy bedroom in the back is one of the kids' favorite hangout spots.  They tell Alexa to play Moana, build forts, dress up in costumes, or discover leftover Easter candy I had hid and never found.  

We had a fun Cinco de Mayo at Three Amigos and then Jamesons (an Irish bar) to watch our favorite local duo perform.  We laugh that aside from Sundays in church, we have seen Brad and Kate play three times in a month, and got our first official "shout out" a couple weeks ago at The Wild Hare.  Yep, we're groupies!  Seriously the sweetest and most talented couple ever and the perfect night out for any of you music loving locals.  Check them out!  

This boy loves banana bread.  And mazes.  And Battle Bots.

I had a rare hour with the big kids and it was so fun.  We had an after school snack, talked about big kid stuff, and brought Charly to soccer practice one afternoon.  We are pretty blessed to have cousins not only close in age, but just across town.    

A very quiet couple of weeks after my semester ended and the kids were still in school.  I tried to start many mornings out on the porch, with my Bible, some avocado on my toast, and a cup of Texas pecan coffee or vanilla almond milk.  Lots of intentional planning and preparation to get my heart in the right place for this summer. 

Mila and I surprised Cruz for lunch his last week as a kindergartener.  And all went well until we had to leave and Mila DID NOT want to leave her brudder.

Cruz had the best year of kindergarten, in large part because of this woman here.  We love us some Mrs. Ferguson! 

I caught them doing this on the way to dance one night.  And then I nearly rear ended a car. ;)

Sunset skies and trampoline jumps and first fires to kick off Memorial Day weekend.  Our backyard takes on new life in the summer.

The first official day of summer break started on the porch...  

...and took us to Morg's for old jukeboxes and pancakes as big as our heads!

Our ten-year anniversary, on the nose.  And Cruz needs a haircut!

Movies Under the Moon.  Summer is here!

Two of my favorite things: Pablos and Mila's signature thumbs up.

The peach prosciutto and balsamic glaze pizza at Your Pie is outstanding.  And so is the blood orange gelato.  And the fact that they give kids their own little dough ball to play with at the table while the pizza cooks.  I love the outdoor patio and location of Urban Pie a lot, but our experience at Your Pie takes the cake (or pie?) so far!

Summer days at home (and out and about)...

Meal planning bliss on the back deck after the kids are sleeping.  

Dance recital weekend is here!

Strawberry harvesting with my sous chefs!

Our first day at the Falls!  I was talking to another mama trying my best not to completely lose it when I saw these two out of the corner of my eye.  They decided to have their own little snuggle session in the middle of the sidewalk and it went on for dang near five minutes.  

Cars 3 was fantastic, especially in those Dream Loungers seats. ;)

My gardens are loving all this June humidity.  

Afternoons after swimming lessons call for hot dogs at the Falls.  Jacob (Cruz's swim lesson instructor) and Cruz have determined that the hot dogs at the pool are among the best in town.  We indulge occasionally. :) 

And sometimes get Tropical Sno to follow. :)

Next you will find several iphone selfies of Mila on my lap because 1) it may just be the last summer this happens and I'm quite sentimental about it; and 2) it's pretty much my favorite part of our summer afternoons.

Some mornings, we all find ourselves in here.  Or better yet, these two wake up in here and we wake up in their beds.  We call those nights musical beds. :)

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