Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fourth of July Recap, Take Two!

Our 4th of July this year was full of some favorite traditions.  Although, we missed Beau this year because he unfortunately caught whatever flu bug I had acquired the week prior.  So while he stayed home to catch up on rest and the DVR, I dressed the kids in their red, white, and blue best and headed just a little west on Hwy. 3 for the annual Shell Rock Days parade.

I love so much about this simple day.  I love the long line of cars lined up on Hwy. 3, waiting to turn into this small little town that fills its streets and sky with people and fireworks just one time a year.  I love the kids in their festive clothes, lined up on Mexican blankets with their American flags and ziploc bags.  I love the shiny red vintage fire trucks, the veterans we stand for in reverence, and that familiar sound of the siren signaling its time to start.  I love that the kids' personalities all shine through during the parade, Charly's shyness, Cruz's assertiveness, and Hayes and Mila and their disheveled but adorable independence, and that at the end of the day, they all just love each other and secretly throw extra Tootsie rolls into each others' bags to make sure they each have enough.  I love that this year, Mila and Harper seemed most content on their Grandma and Great Grandma's laps, and that Mila started in a fit of tears when she didn't get the first of the thrown candy, and five minutes later, decided she had enough and didn't chase after a single piece.  

I love Fred and Robi's old red barn, the little kitties that come out from all sides of their property to greet us, and how perfect Mila's famous twirly dress looked up against its coordinating backdrop.  I love spending the afternoon under Mom and Dad's Ash tree, tickling and snuggling babies on that soft quilt, and dishing hot dogs, baked beans, and Mom's famous potato salad onto star plates.  I love the slowness of the afternoon, the smiles and squeals from the slip 'n slide, and the familiar signs it's time to make our way home when the kids get whiney.  It's a simple, sweet, and perfectly American way to spend our nation's birthday, celebrating the beauty of our country and its freedom together.

Some pictures of our day...

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