Sunday, September 13, 2009

And that's another Panther...

What do a deck of cards, bagel dip, temporary tattoos, beads, and purple and gold cans have in common?!?!?! You guessed it! All were part of our tailgate party to kick-off Panther Football at the DOME this year! Beau and I are season ticket holders this year and after getting lots of grief in Iowa City last week for supporting the purple and gold, we were ready to cheer on the Panthers at our home turf (which is brand new, beautiful, but slippery).

What a beautiful day for football (or specifically, tailgating, since the weather stays pretty much the same in the Dome)! 85 and sunny, we were wishing the Panthers would have saved their 'black-out' for a colder day...however, I was able to liven up some of my ever-fading summer tan.

I think UNI proved they might be contenders for the best football team in Iowa! A 66-7 win over South Dakota State led to a smooth start and an early clear-out of a nearly packed UNI-Dome. I'm convinced a new era has begun for Panther football. When I was in college, the Dome wasn't half-full for Homecoming. Today, on the same day as the annual Cy-Hawk showdown, the Dome was shaded with an almost packed crowd in black. I'd say well-deserving of a great football program at a really great school!

Until next week...UNI FIGHT UNI!

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