Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pray for Kate

It's weird the people God puts in our lives. People to teach us, guide us, and help keep us on the right path. People to lean on, laugh with, and depend on when times get tough. And sometimes, He puts people in our lives who we will never meet physically, but who serve as powerful reminders and testaments to His undying faith, hope, and trust.

I'm talking about Kate McRae.
Kate is an absolutely adorable, five year old girl from Arizona. Kate is fighting a brain tumor and has been through more in the last three months than most can comprehend in a lifetime. Her family, strong in faith, yet fragile in spirit, have started a world-wide prayer chain from, an organization offered to families with loved ones in longterm hospital care. I found out about Kate's story from some people at church and have been consumed with it since. Although reading her daily ups and downs breaks my heart and often leaves me with a deep pit in my stomach, her family's honesty, reflection, and trust in Jesus serves as a powerful ministry, as well as a daily dose of raw perspective.

Please pray for Kate and her family. Here is the link to her website:

"So call upon His name, He is mighty to save, this is our God..."

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