Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goodbye Summer, Hello Comfort Food!

Beau and I had a great summer. I'd say we got off to a pretty great start leaving for seven all-inclusive days in Mexico a week after school let out! We soaked up lots of sun, ate way too much food, played on the beach, and celebrated our two-year anniversary, Beau's birthday, and the completion of my first official year of teaching. If only we could begin summer with a beach side suite every year?!?!

The summer wasn't entirely 'no work, all play,' as I took nine credit hours of class towards my Master's Degree. I met some great people and had the opportunity to take classes with my sister-in-law!

While last summer was deemed our 'Money Pit' summer of kitchen and basement renovations, we kept the home improvement to a minimum (this all depends on which neighbor you ask). We managed to plant some bushes, stain our deck, and rip a gigantic tree out of our front yard.

As most of you know, Beau and I are cooking addicts. The true highlight of our summer might have been the nights spent cooking, drinking wine, and relaxing on our back deck. Favorite meals??? We conquered grilled pizza, I attempted to master the art of pie-making, we played with some exotic Caribbean dishes from our muse, Bobby Flay, and had a pretty delicious 4th of July feast with great friends. Food makes us happy and we like to think of it as an odd way to express love (unless we're possessive in the kitchen).
We ended the summer with a weekend away to one of our favorite places, Chi-Town! The Second City, Lincoln Park Zoo, Millenium Park, Italian Village, Gene & Ann Chinander, and of course, Wrigley Field, topped our trip this year (yes...we not only stayed in the same hotel as them, but ran into Gene and Ann three different times during our weekend- and sat directly in front of them at Second City---what a small world!).

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