Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Great Date Night

"Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do - or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so."
~Stanley Crawford

I love unexpected date nights. The last few days, it's been bitterly cold outside. The type of cold that you can feel to your bones. With the holidays, it seems Beau and I have been traveling nonstop: family Christmases, last minute shopping, get-togethers with friends, and Holiday parties. It's been really nice to see everyone; however, the constant eating out, spending money, and snacking on Christmas goodies has been getting to us in more ways than one!

This weekend, we made a pact that we were going to hibernate. Stay in, pile on the blankets, be creative with the food in our pantry, and catch up on some much needed downtime.

Last night was exactly what we needed! Beau had the wild hair to make homemade pizzas, so we went all out. Homemade crust, caramelized onions and baby bella mushrooms, homemade tomato sauce, roasted red pepper, salami, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, pineapple, and sauerkraut. Yes...sauerkraut. I decided to try it.

We poured some wine and decided to drag the pizza-making process out as long as possible (we realize we won't always be able to do this). We had fun playing with our pieces of dough and decorating our personal pans. It wasn't until they were in the oven that we realized our mistake... a thin crust in a personal deep dish pizza pan might not bake properly! Our perfectly looking prebaked pizzas turned into what Beau now calls, "The Deconstructed Crust with a Free Form Pizza Patty!" Sounds great right? Well, it tasted good; however, looked like we dropped it on the floor, picked the remains up with a spoon, and ate it similar to a calzone. Definitely not for an episode of Iron Chef, but we laughed about it for hours!

Let's just say the laughing didn't least for me. Beau and I decided to test our marriage with a game of Monopoly. We have quite a history with the game. We've only played three or four times; however, it usually ends in disaster. Beau's game plan is simple: attempt to buy as many properties as possible, whether he has money or not. He will teach our future children the 'entrepreneur's version' of Monopoly and I will teach them the 'play it safe and smart' version.

Wanna guess which strategy held out in the end? Not only did I annihilate Beau, who had almost every single property mortgaged, but I ended up with more money than I'd ever made in a game of Monopoly. I won, fair and square, and will rub it in my man's face for days to come! He's been a pretty good sport; however, it's weakened his ego a little bit. I can already tell.

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