Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 Things I Learned About Traveling to Chicago with a 10-Month Old (And just a few more pictures)

1.  You get so much more attention traveling with a baby than without.  When it was just Beau and I, I would have to fight tooth and nail to get someone to take our picture.  Now, even when I wasn't scanning the crowd for a picture-person, someone would stop and ask if we wanted our picture taken.  It was great!  At one point, near the river walk by our hotel, a family not only offered to take our picture, but proceeded to jump up and down and pretend they were chickens, all in order to make Cruz laugh.  And it worked!

2.  A full-size Chicco stroller definitely does not fit through a turnstile in the subway.  We managed to go through an entire $10 fare ticket just trying to get our stroller through the gate.  Poor Cruz didn't know what was going on! 

3.  Crowding in like sardines with 100,000 others to watch the fireworks show from Navy Pier really is worth it.  

4.  Wrigley Dogs, however, taste far better after you've had a few Old Styles.  It's only known as one of Chi-Town's best dogs if you're surveying the Bleacher Bums. 

5.  Watch where you're walking.  If you don't, you just might slip on a deviled egg and skin your knee up on the sidewalk.  At least I saved the camera.

6.  I really wonder how Marilyn would feel if she could see the ginormous statue of herself, not to mention the hundreds of spectators posing for pictures between her legs. 

7.  It takes a really honest person to find a lost cell phone and MasterCard on the ground just steps from the Louis Vuitton store on Michigan.  Or a really honest husband.  

8.  Who knew you could get a 'Sexy Mexican' at a sushi place?!  If it's wrapped in Mexican rice and topped with fresh avocado, you can!

9.  When traveling with a baby, guard your pacifiers with your life.  If you don't, you'll be two miles from your hotel in a hot sweat, crawling under trees and peering under benches, looking for your lost gold.  Luckily, we had just one left in a suitcase at our hotel.  I think we went through three of them in four days!
10.  When you wake up Sunday morning with chest pain, chills, and a headache, don't ignore it.  More on that later!

Part Two of the Never-Ending Picture Album!  

Just taking it all in...

Cruz got pretty comfy in his stroller this weekend...

...And spent a lot of time up there too.


Some lovin' for mama...

 I think Cruz likes Chicago too.

Where's Waldo?  Where's the Jorgensen's?

The closest we could get to Lollapalooza.  Someday, maybe we'll venture into the crowd and leave Cruz with Grandma and Grandpa, but for now, we enjoyed the sounds from the park.  

What we did a lot of in our hotel room.  

Speaking of our hotel...

The view from Lincoln Park.  The two mile walk is worth it.  I promise.  

 Checking out the chimps.  

Quite the view, huh?!

Playing hard-to-get...

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